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intr.v. siz·zled, siz·zling, siz·zles
1. To make the hissing sound characteristic of frying fat.
2. To seethe with anger or indignation.
3. To be very hot: a summer day that sizzled.
4. To be very popular, exciting, or interesting: a movie that sizzled at the box office.
1. A hissing sound.
2. The appeal of or the excitement generated by a product or service: an advertising campaign that captured the sizzle of the new technology.

[Perhaps frequentative of Middle English sissen, to hiss, of imitative origin.]

siz′zling·ly adv.


in a sizzling manner
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Most definitely a 'precious metal' silver is sizzlingly hot, as both a material and a colour.
A series of sizzlingly scripted encounters--not unlike the nightly debates prescribed for college students in those more rigorously intellectual times--calls into serious question which of the three protagonists is truly committed to helping the lad think for himself, and what the outcome will be when that goal and his diploma are finally within reach.
To enter new teams, make transfers or to check how your existing teams are doing in our sizzlingly exciting competition, log on at or phone 0905 817 0809 (ROI: 1560 924 239)*.
Most definitely a precious metal, silver is sizzlingly hot, as both a material and a colour.
SLOW COOKING: Kirby Farm Fine Foods' roasted pigs; SIZZLINGLY GOOD: Jan Woodward tests the produce available on the Jumbo Prawnies stand; IMPRESSIVE: Tyrrells' home-made crisps; LOTS OF BOTTLE: the Fieldhouse Herbs stand
Other choice Water Bearer DVDs: The sizzlingly frank and gossipy documentary Sex Is ...; the groundbrealdng 1973 gay romance A Very Natural Thing (both in release).
ROSEANNE ARNOLD, WHO uses a fax machine like an armor-piercing tank gun, said she was merely exercising her free speech rights when she sent sizzlingly abusive letters to three newspaper critics who were less than overwhelmed by her husband's new television show.
The big numbers are punchy, particularly the complicated Cell Block Tango, which is brisk and sizzlingly sassy, while the timing is equally impressive in the vaudeville ventriloquist routine of We Both Reached For the Gun.
The colourful, zoot-suited, all-singing, all-dancing showis sizzlingly hot and certain to provide the ideal evening out for the whole family.
It was a beautifully designed, relatively affordable car and immediately hit the spot with Brits looking for something sizzlingly different which was not going to break the bank.
I fear Manifest as his form behind Harbinger is starting to look sizzlingly hot.