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n. Chiefly Southern US
See mosquito. See Note at tater.

[Shortening and alteration of mosquito.]


(ˈski tər)

Informal. mosquito.
[1850–55; by aphesis and resp., with dial. substitution of -er for final -o]
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Determined to end the discrimination, Skeeter pitches a book to editor Elaine Stein (Mary Steenburgen), detailing the extraordinary lives of the maids who have spent countless years raising white children.
Translated from French by Skeeter Grant and Francoise Mouly, "Adele in Sand Land" is part of a collection of children's books written by the author for his daughter, who was named Adele.
3 Skeeter Boats dealeran accolade achieved in its very first year offering Skeeter products.
We've found a fresh perspective that the likes of Skeeter and the other greats should well be proud of.
When Skeeter finally learns that her own mother prompted their maid Constantine's move to Illinois after telling Constantine's daughter that neither one of her parents wanted her, Mrs.
s product Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Defense Unit to Femo's Group's family of companies and will be managed by Infinite Outdoor Solutions.
The Skeeter SX 210 may be just the right size for your angling needs and your budget.
In the story, dispatch written as a gossip column from Rita Skeeter in The Daily Prophet, Potter, who now "sports a nasty cut over his right cheekbone" along with his famous lightning scar and his hair slightly graying, took his sons James and Albus to visit the world cup compound, where he introduced them to Bulgarian seeker Victor Krum.
The story is written in the style of a gossip column for the Daily Prophet by reporter Rita Skeeter, a minor character in the novels.
44 Special, I conceived it as a remembrance of Elmer Keith, Skeeter Skelton and Bill Ruger (more on this shortly).
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