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 (flo͝o-rō′sĭs, flô-, flō-)
An abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine, as from fluoridated drinking water, characterized chiefly by mottling of the teeth.

fluo·rot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) fluoride poisoning, due to ingestion of too much fluoride in drinking water over a long period or to ingestion of pesticides containing fluoride salts. Chronic fluorosis results in mottling of the teeth of children


(flʊˈroʊ sɪs, flɔ-, floʊ-)

1. an abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorides, characterized in children by discoloration and pitting of the teeth and in adults by pathological bone changes.
2. Also called mottled enamel. the changes in tooth enamel symptomatic of fluorosis.
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Noun1.fluorosis - a pathological condition resulting from an excessive intake of fluorine (usually from drinking water)
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition


n. fluorosis, exceso de absorción de flúor.
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The adverse effects of fluoride include dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis, and it has effects on red blood cell wall.
Dental fluorosis which manifests as discolouration of teeth and skeletal fluorosis which are endemic are most early biomarkers of fluoride toxicity.
In lower concentrations fluoride is beneficial for teeth and bones but at higher concentrations it causes dental and skeletal fluorosis.
Moreover, this region has a high incidence of dental and skeletal fluorosis, which is caused by consuming groundwater with a high concentration of fluoride.
Gupta and Ayoob apply the principles and methods of environmental engineering to the geo-genic pollution of drinking water with fluoride They cover a global perspective on fluoride in drinking water, a scenario of fluoride pollution, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, stress effects of fluoride on humans, fluoride in the environment and its toxicological effects, an overview of defluoridation techniques, and a case study of the adsorptive removal of fluoride.
86,87) Preeclampsia has the same key subcellular mechanism of pathogenesis as dental and skeletal fluorosis, endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress.
Optimum fluoride intake plays an essential role in the prevention of dental caries while fluoride consumption above the guideline level interferes with the normal formation of tooth enamel and bones [1, 2] and may increase risk of dental and skeletal fluorosis [3, 4].
Neurological manifestations of skeletal fluorosis may vary from radiculo-myelopathy to neuropathy.
Studies on skeletal muscle biopsies in endemic skeletal fluorosis.
Skeletal fluorosis from the point of view of an occupational exposure to fluorides in former Czechoslovakia.
Numerous health claims have been made about fluoride, including that it can cause dental fluorosis (discolouration and pitting of teeth), skeletal fluorosis (a painful bone disease), bone cancer, thyroid disease, and arthritis.
Most of the liver function enzymes were found abnormal in the children having skeletal fluorosis (Shivashankara et al.