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He withdrew his arm, a skeleton key was selected from the bunch, and then back went his arm to the shoulder.
I thought so," muttered Raffles, handing me the lantern, and pocketing a bunch of skeleton keys, after tampering for a few minutes with the lock.
Quietly he inserted a slim, skeleton key in the lock of the door.
And, with an eye upon the waiters, Raffles showed me a skeleton key, newly twisted and filed; but my share of the extra pint (I am afraid no fair share) had made me dense.
And there was no need for the skeleton key after all; the boy opened the outer door with one of his own, and switched on the lights before leaving us.
Seward tried one or two skeleton keys, his mechanical dexterity as a surgeon standing him in good stead.
The count soon heard the rattling of a bunch of skeleton keys, such as the locksmith brings when called to force a lock, and which thieves call nightingales, doubtless from the music of their nightly song when they grind against the bolt.
When arrested he had a bunch of skeleton keys in one pocket a heavy chisel in another, and a short crowbar in his hand: neither more nor less than a burglar.
Turning up the cuffs of his dress-coat--he had placed his overcoat on a chair--Holmes laid out two drills, a jemmy, and several skeleton keys.
While this comparatively narrow scope is not necessarily the skeleton key sought by baffled readers, it nonetheless provides crucial material for understanding Joyce's peculiar genius.
Picture a skeleton key, opening not merely every door in a house, but every door that could be added to the house as well.
My films include Raising Helen and The Skeleton Key.