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n. pl. sker·ries
A small rocky reef or island.

[Scots, diminutive of Old Norse sker; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ries
1. (Physical Geography) a small rocky island
2. (Physical Geography) a reef
[C17: Orkney dialect, from Old Norse sker scar2]
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His best friends at Skerries Community School in the Shetlands are a dog, ducks and a flock of sheep.
Some Sunday night Open Mic action can be found at The Pot and Kettle in Rhyl and Skerries in Bangor.
Dated this 2nd day of October, 2015 Signed: O'Leary Arnold Solicitors for the Applicant Address: South Strand, Skerries, County Dublin To: District Court Office, Court 23 Ground Floor, Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Dublin 7 To: The Superintendent of the Garda Siochana Balbriggan County Dublin To: The Fire Authority Dublin Fire Brigade Fire Brigade Headquarters 165/169 Townsend Street Dublin 2.
The 10MW Skerries Tidal Stream Array, which was to be Wales's first commercial tidal energy farm, was given planning permission from the Welsh Government in February 2013 and was due to create dozens of local jobs.
The Easter Rising of 1916 in North County Dublin: a Skerries Perspective
The project area includes the EU s largest freshwater archipelago with 22 000 islands, islets and skerries (small rocky reefs).
The new Atlantic 85 lifeboat for Skerries RNLI was officially named Louis Simson thanks his to his wife's touching legacy.
Allen and his companions are dedicated to the project and have been amassing information on the best of the black stuff for a number of years, basing themselves at the coastal town of Skerries, north of Dublin, during their regular visits.
SMALL islands are always interesting to visit and last week I managed to get to two: the Skerries lie just off the north west corner of Anglesey and I visited with the RSPB, who warden the island.
The Skerries are about two miles off Carmel Head, on Anglesey's north west corner.
Rank Road name Sales Average price 1 Essex Close, Redcar 2 pounds 43,275 2 Micklow Close, Redcar 4 pounds 48,428 3 Skerries Cresent, Redcar 2 pounds 51,500 4 Blakey Close, Redcar 8 pounds 61,936 5 Britannia Place, Redcar 4 pounds 62,750 6 Blayberry Close, Redcar 8 pounds 63,000 7 Westbourne Gr, Redcar 2 pounds 65,000 8 Wembury Close, Redcar 4 pounds 65,000 9 Holder Street, Redcar 4 pounds 68,500 10 Burnmoor Cl, Redcar 11 pounds 68,864
Skerries is bidding for her second win of the week having won easily here on Monday.