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Having spots or patches of white on a coat of a color other than black: a skewbald horse.
A skewbald animal, especially a horse.

[Middle English skeued, of mixed colors (probably from skeu, sky, cloud, of Scandinavian origin; see (s)keu- in Indo-European roots) + bald.]


(Breeds) marked or spotted in white and any colour except black
(Breeds) a horse with this marking
[C17: see skew, piebald]



1. (esp. of horses) having patches of white and usu. brown.
2. a skewbald horse or pony.
[1645–55; skew + (pie) bald]
piebald, skewbald - Piebald is being spotted with irregular patches of different colors, especially black and white; skewbald is spotted white and a color other than black.
See also related terms for spotted.


A. ADJpintado, con pintas
B. Npinto m


nSchecke mf
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The Ridden Coloured Championship went to Charlotte Merrigan Martin of Barnard Castle with Solaris Dwenqua, an eight-yearold skewbald mare by Quarterback.
It turns out the horse - a 31/2-year-old skewbald cob called Dawn - was brought to Birkenhead after being rescued from waste ground in the King's Lynn area of Norfolk.
If you saw a piebald or skewbald horse in the Household Cavalry, what was his likely role?
Skewbald horses Angrove Fatrascal, Join The Dots, Angrove Rumbaba, Modern Society and Silvery Moon are more famous for their looks than ability, but the popular Pancake, a chestnut with white legs and flecks on his belly, won five times and netted PS41,103 in prize-money.
Middleweight cob Bruce, a lovely quiet four-year-old skewbald gelding approximately 13:1hh, is one of those looking for a home from RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre, in Chester Moor, Chesterle-Street, where a special open weekend is taking place over Easter.
He then stopped round the corner and loaded a tiny skewbald Shetland stallion - I don't know how they even managed to get the tail gate to close properly - it was a disgrace.
This is called skewbald and occurs when the normally uniform brown parts of a white-tailed deer's coat become mottled with white.
SUPREME champion horse of the show was an 11-year-old skewbald who had earlier led the Working Hunter section.
Product was delivered via the Piebald and Skewbald horses pulling covered wagons.
Issac Hall, 35, of Watery Lane, Stourport-on-Severn, ignored skewbald yearling Dora's weight loss.
In March another animal, a skewbald pony, had to be put down by a vet after being found collapsed on wasteland in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.
Seamus - a 13-year-old skewbald cob - had to be put down after animal welfare officers inspected him.