ski parka

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: parka - a parka to be worn while skiingski parka - a parka to be worn while skiing  
anorak, parka, windbreaker, windcheater - a kind of heavy jacket (`windcheater' is a British term)
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We wbre the Skysweeper through the worst winter Illinois has seen in 40 years, and in Arkansas' early season, it wears like a windbreaker, but has the warmth of your best ski parka when the temps dip below zero.
After her magic, she would hang my ski parka from the shower curtain to dry in time for the next day's service.
With a brand-name like O'Neill, Vlass' bright green Upstage, thermal-lined ski parka was the perfect choice.
I spent the week shadowing Kielbasa and his colleagues, wearing my borrowed ski parka, gloves and hiking boots, which never seemed to ward off temperatures that dropped to the single digits at times.
Shauna Avrith, a 42-year-old retired attorney from Los Angeles, came well-prepared with a ski parka, gloves and hiking boots.
Imagine a ski parka sewn from an electric blanket - but with a high-tech fabric, control system and power source.
After several tense moments, Kelly announced to the audience that she thought if the intern removed Kelly's bulky ski parka, the intern might have a better chance of feeling her deformity.
And as if the promotional circus that surrounds the Olympics isn't bad enough, NBC had its news anchor Tom Brokaw give the nightly news from Salt Lake City, resplendent in his ski parka and hood with the Utah mountains serving as a backdrop.
Some is made into other sorts of consumer goods - the carpet fiber and polyester fleece and ski parka filling that has recently been so highly touted.