ski trail

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: trail - trail or slope prepared for skiingski trail - trail or slope prepared for skiing  
piste - a ski run densely packed with snow
trail - a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
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Local councillor Gilles Strappazzon told BFM the area had been closed off prior to the accident amid high avalanche warnings and it is unclear why the group ventured on to the ski trail.
The prefect of the Isere region told BFM-TV that the ski trail was so risky it had been closed since the "beginning of the (ski) season" in December.
The area had been closed off before the accident amid high avalanche warnings and it is unclear why the group ventured on to the ski trail.
French authorities in the Alps region confirmed that two high school students and a Ukrainian skier died in the accident, which took place on a ski trail that had been closed amid avalanche warnings.
Other upgrades to the resort include an expansion of Red Pine Lodge, widening of the Chicane ski trail, new snowmaking on two trails on Iron Mountain, two new trails into Canyons from Pinecone Ridge, a renovation of Summit House, and several upgrades to existing ski lifts to create 3,500 chairs across 35 lifts.
Then there is the cute guy who rescues you from a ski trail that proved to be too challenging for you.
Did they take the ski trail, or mistakenly turn towards Lake Arnold?
9 ( ANI ): Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and his wife have purchased a multimillion dollar log cabin with a private access to ski trail in Utah.
In addition to the launch of the Grizzly Terrain Park this weekend, Sunshine Village offers guests both the Rogers Terrain Park, located under the Continental Divide High Speed Quad Chairlft and the Springhill Park, located off Green Run ski trail under the Angel High Speed Quad Chairlift.
Cruising down a ski trail or learning a new snowboarding trick is totally exhilarating.
drugmaker Johnson & Johnson compared the levels of UV rays on newly fallen snow on a cross-country ski trail in Ishikawa Prefecture in March and on an artificial beach in Okinawa Prefecture in July last year.
You reach Le Vermeilley after a four-kilometre walk from the railway station at La Givrine in the direction of Col de Marchairuz, either along the cross-country ski trail or the snowshoe and walking trail.