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The horses stopped to breathe again, and the guard got down to skid the wheel for the descent, and open the coach-door to let the passengers in.
There was danger, of course, that some heavily squeezed ice-field might shoot up the beach, and plane off the top of the islet bodily; but that did not trouble Kotuko and the girl when they made their snow- house and began to eat, and heard the ice hammer and skid along the beach.
I must go down and pull my boat up a bit on the skids.
In order to lift the boom to access the starter, you have to start the skid steer.
The sooner and the quicker you deal with a skid, the easier it is to control it," he said.
The researcher studied the forest Access Roads: Design, Maintenance, and Soil Loss and used the Regional Guide for the South (United States Department of Agriculture 1984b) recognizes that roads and skid trails are the major sources of sediment from forestry-related activities.
ALDERLEY FZE, a subsidiary of Alderley, announce that it has successfully secured the company's largest metering order to date having won a contract to provide 22 gas and liquid metering skids for the KOC Telemetry Project in Kuwait.
When stacking GMLAs or RPs, the alignment holes in the shock isolator (rubber) skids of an upper container must be properly aligned with the stacking pins of a lower container.
With the right attachments you can use a skid loader to push, blow and sweep snow.
Road safety chiefs on Anglesey hope it will prevent drivers from skidding in the first place and freezing or reacting badly in a skid situation.
I never meant to insult the people engaged in the noble service of feeding, clothing, housing and educating the homeless men and women of Skid Row.