skid row

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skid row

n. Slang
A squalid district inhabited chiefly by derelicts and vagrants.

[Alteration of skid road (from the fact that it once referred to a downtown area frequented by loggers).]

skid row

(rəʊ) or

skid road

slang chiefly US and Canadian a dilapidated section of a city inhabited by vagrants, etc

skid′ row′

an area of cheap barrooms and run-down hotels, frequented by alcoholics and vagrants. Also called Skid′ Road′.
[1930–35, Amer.; earlier skid road]
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Noun1.skid row - a city district frequented by vagrants and alcoholics and addicts
slum, slum area - a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions
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To be sure, at some point the neighborhoods that have become satellite Skid Rows will develop political power and bend City Hall's ear about their problem.
FROM a narrow perspective, the Skid Row sweeps of the past year look pretty successful.
Also challenging the suburban ideal were a dwindling number of urban bachelors living in skid rows which, the experts and popular culture proposed, provided shelter but not "homes.