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1. (Forestry) a platform on which logs ready for sawing are piled
2. (Forestry) a track made of logs for rolling objects along
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1. a road or path formed of logs, planks, etc., for sliding objects.
2. a platform, usu. inclined, for piling logs to be sawed or to be loaded onto a vehicle.
[1875–80, Amer.]
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2 Hunker King bed in Skidway Ink, $2,199
In water from the Skidway River (GA), Efs was the most commonly isolated species representing 31% of the total enterococcal population (Motea et al., 2012).
Clear daylight can be seen between the jacket and the skidway with the lift complete and load mechanically secured
So, we rafted logs across the lake, and we built a skidway up to the mountainside, and he built a windlass, a vertical windlass, that [had] a long arm out like you see pictures of in the Egyptian days.
Then he could stop needing to invent to himself reasons for his breathing, until after a while he began to believe he had forgot about breathing since now he could not hear it himself above the steady thunder of the rolling logs; whereupon as soon as he found himself believing he had forgotten it, he knew that he had not, so that instead of tipping the final log onto the skidway he stood up and cast his cant-hook away as if it were a burnt match and in the dying reverberation of the last log's rumbling descent he vaulted down between the two slanted tracks of the skid, facing the log which still lay on the truck.