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A sport in which a skier is drawn over ice or snow by a sled dog or a team of dogs, a horse, or a vehicle.

[Norwegian skikjøring : ski, ski; see ski + kjøring, driving (from kjøre, to drive, from Old Norse keyra).]


(skiːˈdʒɔːrɪŋ) ,




(Skiing) a sport in which a skier is pulled over snow or ice, usually by a horse
[Norwegian skikjöring, literally: ski-driving]
skiˈjorer, skiˈorer, skikˈjorer n


(skiˈdʒɔr ɪŋ, -ˈdʒoʊr-, ˈski dʒɔr-, -dʒoʊr-)

a sport in which a skier is pulled over snow or ice, generally by a horse.
[1905–10; < Norwegian skikjøring=ski ski + kyøring driving]
ski•jor′er, n.
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Robertson spends his off work time with his wife and two teenage children and on hobbies such as remodeling, fishing, racquetball, and skijoring.
Whether you and your hound head out hiking in the hot and dry summer months or skijoring in the wicked cold of deep winter, this non-toxic, preservative-free goodness will keep paws happily on the move.
Along the way, we encountered absolutely nothing -- human or animal -- except one skate skier being pulled by two dogs in a solitary skijoring expedition.
The cards are a mixture of Flat races, trotting races and also a unique discipline known as Skijoring, which is a trotting race in which the riders are pulled along on skis.
Dubbed the 'king of bling', the incomparable St Moritz (situated in the Graubnden region) plays host every year to the fun-seeking elite who visit to take their chances on the infamous Cresta Toboggan Run, race their horses on the frozen lake, or even to try their hand at skijoring (skiing dragged behind horses on the lake at high speeds).
The book gives advice on equipment, trails and trail etiquette, choosing a skijoring dog, and dog care and feeding, in addition to Nordic-style dog mushing, touring and winter camping, and competing.
After writing a story on sled dogs, I learned about skijoring with dogs.
Plus, Graham travels to Austria to try his hand at the sport of skijoring, which involves being pulled around a frozen racetrack on skis by a motorbike.
45pm Graham Bell tries the Norwegian sport of skijoring or ski driving and presents highlights of the longest men's World Cup downhill race.
There are a wide variety of dog-related sports and competitions available in the United States, including mushing, carting, skijoring, tracking, racing and field trials.
We have two huskies, Pasha and Alexi, and we wanted to take them skijoring in France".