skim milk

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skim milk

Milk from which the cream has been removed.

skim′ milk′

or skimmed′ milk′,

milk from which the cream has been skimmed.
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Noun1.skim milk - milk from which the cream has been skimmedskim milk - milk from which the cream has been skimmed
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
whole milk - milk from which no constituent (such as fat) has been removed
odstředěné mléko
maitorasvaton maito
obrano mlijeko
lefölözött tej
odstredené mlieko
posneto mleko
kaymağı alınmış sütyağı alınmış süt
sữa không kem


(skim) past tense, past participle skimmed verb
1. to remove (floating matter, eg cream) from the surface of (a liquid). Skim the fat off the gravy.
2. to move lightly and quickly over (a surface). The skier skimmed across the snow.
3. to read (something) quickly, missing out parts. She skimmed (through) the book.
skim milk, skimmed milk
milk from which the cream has been skimmed.

skim milk

حَلِيبٌ مَنْزُوعُ الدَّسَمِ odstředěné mléko skummetmælk Magermilch αποβουτυρωμένο γάλα leche desnatada rasvaton maito lait écrémé obrano mlijeko latte scremato 脱脂乳 탈지유 magere melk skummet melk mleko odtłuszczone leite desnatado, leite magro снятое молоко lättmjölk นมที่พร่องมันเนย yağı alınmış süt sữa không kem 脱脂牛奶
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Almost a month having elapsed since the liniment cake episode, it was high time for her to get into fresh trouble of some sort, little mistakes, such as absentmindedly emptying a pan of skim milk into a basket of yarn balls in the pantry instead of into the pigs' bucket, and walking clean over the edge of the log bridge into the brook while wrapped in imaginative reverie, not really being worth counting.
His pigs got the cream and his children got the skim milk.
Anybody who could invent a new imitation had been sure of a fortune from old Durham, said Jurgis' informant; but it was hard to think of anything new in a place where so many sharp wits had been at work for so long; where men welcomed tuberculosis in the cattle they were feeding, because it made them fatten more quickly; and where they bought up all the old rancid butter left over in the grocery stores of a continent, and "oxidized" it by a forced-air process, to take away the odor, rechurned it with skim milk, and sold it in bricks in the cities
After controlling for a number of variables, the study found that whole milk intake increased the risk of acne by 16% and skim milk by 44% (J Am Acad Dermatol.
Milk is a very bioactive substance with estrogens and other hormones, but these are fat soluble and would be removed in skim milk.
Skim Milk Dark Mocha 210 0 0 43 Dutch Skinny Annihilator 90 0 0 44 Peet's Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte 235 0 0 45 (non fat milk) COLD COFFEES Caribou Coffee Iced Caramel High 170 0 0 36 Rise (skim milk, no whipped cream) Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Swirl 170 0 0 40 Iced Coffee Dunn Bros.
Previous research has shown that the flavor variability found in low-heat skim milk powder can impact consumer acceptance involving ingredient applications.
It was used statistical approach for defining best pH and temperature for milk clotting time of skim milk.
The output variables: Valve opening time for skim milk, Valve opening time for low cream milk, Valve opening time for full cream milk, Processing time of skim milk, Processing time of low cream milk, Processing time of full cream milk, Heating/cooling time for skim milk, Heating/cooling time for low cream milk, and Heating/cooling time for full cream milk were considered.
According to early calculations, if a cow produced 300 pounds of butterfat a year, the shallow pan system left at least 30 pounds of production in the skim milk.
In the second study, researchers from New Zealand measured the acute effects of skim milk consumption on serum urate concentrations in 16 healthy male volunteers, in light of reports that skim milk was beneficial in gout prevention.