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v. skimmed, skim·ming, skims
a. To remove floating matter from (a liquid).
b. To remove (floating matter) from a liquid.
a. To embezzle (money) by taking a small portion on each transaction: corrupt governments skimming money from foreign aid.
b. To fail to declare part of (certain income, such as winnings) to avoid tax payment.
c. To copy information from (a credit card) as part of a skimming fraud.
3. To coat or cover with a thin layer: "the still, shallow water solidly frozen and skimmed with white" (Barbara Hurd).
a. To throw so as to bounce or slide: skimming stones on the pond.
b. To glide or pass quickly and lightly over or along (a surface). See Synonyms at brush1.
a. To read or glance through (a book, for example) quickly or superficially.
b. To glance over quickly; scan: skimmed the crowd for a familiar face.
c. To touch lightly or superficially on: a survey course that barely skimmed the surface of Latin American history.
1. To move or pass swiftly and lightly over or near a surface; glide.
2. To fail to declare certain income to avoid tax payment.
3. To give a quick and superficial reading, scrutiny, or consideration; glance: skimmed through the newspaper.
4. To become coated with a thin layer.
1. The act of skimming.
2. Something that has been skimmed.
3. A thin layer or film: a skim of ice on the pond.
4. The money stolen by skimming from an account or business operation.

[Middle English skimmen, perhaps from Old French escumer, to remove scum, from escume, scum, of Germanic origin; see (s)keu- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.skimmed - used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed; "yogurt made with skim milk"; "she can drink skimmed milk but should avoid butter"
fat-free, fatless, nonfat - without fat or fat solids; "nonfat or fat-free milk"
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I sat upon the mountain-side and watched A tiny barque that skimmed across the lake, Drifting, like human destiny upon A world of hidden peril; then she sailed From out my ken, and mingled with the blue Of skies unfathomed, while the great round sun Weakened towards the waves.
There were the times I brought the Razzle Dazzle in with a bigger load of oysters than any other two-man craft; there was the time when we raided far down in Lower Bay, and mine was the only craft back at daylight to the anchorage off Asparagus Island; there was the Thursday night we raced for market and I brought the Razzle Dazzle in without a rudder, first of the fleet, and skimmed the cream of the Friday morning trade; and there was the time I brought her in from Upper Bay under a jib, when Scotty burned my mainsail.
She skimmed along over the tree-tops until she saw an open place in the middle of the wood, where the trees and brushwood had been cleared.
A few bats skimmed his nose now and again and scared him half to death.
Perkins' eye skimmed over the school-room to find a boy who was sitting alone--"with Cyrus Brisk."
It was in vain that the Houndsditch backs and halfbacks skimmed like swallows about the field.
We had our artex very thinly skimmed a couple of years ago.
Habib Bank Ltd, the bank whose depositors' ATM cards were skimmed, has started compensating the affected customers.
A NEW kind of low-fat milk goes on sale tomorrow aimed at customers who cannot stand skimmed.
You can pick up your free pint of whole, semiskimmed or skimmed from Sainsbury's today only.
This ensures that no skimmed card (so long as the card is issued by the bank itself and it's that bank's ATM) is used.
20 and 21, 2010, Damyanov and others made fraudulent withdrawals from the accounts of more than 40 victims using the skimmed account information.