skin color

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: color - the coloring of a person's faceskin color - the coloring of a person's face  
color, coloring, colouring, colour - a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect; "a white color is made up of many different wavelengths of light"
blondness, paleness, fairness - the property of having a naturally light complexion
ruddiness, rosiness - a healthy reddish complexion
achromasia, lividness, paleness, pallidness, pallor, wanness, luridness, lividity - unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)
sallowness - a sickly yellowish skin color
tawniness - the quality or state of being the color of tanned leather; "the tawniness of his complexion"
swarthiness, duskiness, darkness - a swarthy complexion
whiteness - lightness or fairness of complexion; "only the whiteness of her cheeks gave any indication of the stress from which she was suffering"
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It literally shatters the dreams and hopes of that poor girl, pushing her into pits of self pitying and fueling the fire of hatred for her natural skin color compelling her to use said fairness creams and beauty products.
The upcoming teleserye 'Bagani' and its casting of celebrities deemed 'too foreign' for their roles has once again raised the thorny issue of colorism - or discrimination based on skin color - in our country.
People started chastising the site for promoting skin color over the quality of content.
In the first study of its kind, an international team of genomics researchers has identified new regions of the human genome that are associated with skin color variation in some African populations, opening new avenues for research on skin diseases and cancer in all populations.
A few frogs can change skin color so a darker color is on top and a lighter color underneath.
Recently, causal genes responsible for Mendelian shank skin color variations were identified in chickens.
You see, I have the same skin color as the current First Lady of the United States, Mrs.
Oftentimes, skin color and experiential diversity are highly correlated.
Skin color can be an appropriate option for this type of semantic grouping or clustering.
Specific subjects include multilayer modeling of skin color and translucency, based optical modeling of skin translucency, and the mathematics and biological process of skin pigmentation, among others.
Studies of Skin Color in the Early Royal Society: Boyle, Cavendish, and Swift.
Walk out, and artist Geraldine Ondrizek hopes you will have a greater understanding of your own views toward race and ethnicity, as defined by skin color.