skin diver

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skin diving

The sport of swimming under water with a face mask and fins, usually with a snorkel.

skin′-dive′ v.
skin diver n.
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skin diver

nsub m/f
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The Skin Diver collection revitalises the daily shower routine with the refreshing and reinvigorating scent of Spearmint and Rosemary.
Skin Diver Active Charcoal body soap is said to revitalize the daily shower routine with the refreshing and reinvigorating scent of spearmint and rosemary.
NAUI offers a full range of training programs from Skin Diver through
Among other accomplishments, Stacy was a Methodist pastor, an interim pastor in a rural Baptist church for 24 'years, Ombudsman for West Virginia University, skin diver on rescue missions, Chaplain at West Virginia University, noted Indian historian, taxidermist, and knife maker.
Daryl, who grew up hunting deer and ducks in the Deep South, is an experienced magazine editor (most recently at Skin Diver), and he's looking forward to returning to his hunting roots, We also have a new art director, Juan Jose Velasquez.
Skin Diver magazine is credited with coining the name "Stingray City" in 1987.
CLOSE QUARTERS: Scores of excited youngsters, and adults, surround the large touch tank (left) and the diamond-shaped aquarium where amberjacks live BENEATH THE WAVES: A skin diver watched by visitors in the underwater observatory and (inset above) shoals of colourful fish from the tropics
Active men will love this Origins set, which contains four temptingly named bottles - Skin Diver body wash, Mint Wash cooling gel, Blade Runner energising shaving cream, and Fire Fighter shaving balm.
Men's Travel Buddies contains 50 ml sizes of Blade Runner energizing shave cream, Save the Males multibenefit moisturiser, Skin Diver active charcoal body scrub and Checks and Balances frothy face wash.
Origins Skin Diver (for men) body wash costs $'19 for 6.7fl.oz and contains charcoal powder to draw out pore-clogging toxins leading to healthier, less acne-prone skin.