skin grafting

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skin graft

A surgical graft of healthy skin from one part of the body to another or from one individual to another in order to replace damaged or lost skin.

skin grafting n.

skin′ graft`ing

the surgical process of transplanting skin to a wound or burn in order to form new skin.
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Reconstructive options, including skin grafting, burying the testes in the thigh and a variety of flaps, were discussed with the patient.
Xu is a renowned trauma burn surgeon and scientist who revolutionized the way doctors treat burn victims and replaced skin grafting with his inventive burns regenerative therapy; prior to the development of burns regenerative therapy, patients would have to endure painful skin graft surgery which resulted in lifelong scaring.
Thiersch skin grafting is an old but highly effective surgical technique in otology.
One of the new surgical techniques includes skin grafting, where normal skin is used as donor tissue and then grafts are surgically transplanted on areas of vitiligo.
Though skin grafting is an ideal surgical procedure perfomed in case of acute burns, this is often delayed or not performed due to the high volume of burn victims leading to permanent deformity and even death," says Dr Rajeev B.
This audit reviews our experience with split skin grafting of burn wounds over a 6-month period.
Vacuum-assisted wound closure, a well-established technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery, can provide an excellent alternative to traditional wound care for large surface area circumferential wounds before skin grafting.
While skin printing begins with the same process of cultivating cells used in skin grafting, Atala says that the printers create skin more efficiently.
A BREAKTHROUGH in skin grafting will reduce scarring for burns victims.
Researchers at the Fred HutchinsonCancer Research Center and the University of Washington, both in Seattle, are giving a genetic-engineering twist to basic procedures used in skin grafting.
a privately held medical technology company developing innovative skin grafting solutions.