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1. Lacking skin.
2. Having had the skin removed: bought skinless chicken breasts.
3. Emotionally sensitive or vulnerable: "You were skinless. There was nothing between you and the world—you let everything in and you let everything show" (Deborah Weisgall).

skin′less·ly adv.
skin′less·ness n.
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(ˈskɪn lɪs)

1. deprived of skin.
2. (of frankfurters or sausages) having no casing.
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Adj.1.skinless - having no skin
skinned - having skin of a specified kind
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[ˈskɪnlɪs] ADJ [chicken, sausages] → sin piel
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[ˈskɪnləs] adjsans peau
skinless chicken breast fillets → de la poitrine de poulet sans peau
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Anything that hinted at love for the moment alarmed her; it was as much an infliction to her as the rubbing of a skinless wound.
"Then go I and wash, Flathead; but, it is true, in the great heats I have wished I could slough my skin without pain, and run skinless."
It was while engaged in this that a hideous, skinless thing came out of the house and ran screaming down the beach till it fell in the sand and mowed and gibbered under the scorching sun.
I was perpetually exasperated with the petty promptings of his conceit and his love of patronage, with his self-complacent belief in Bertha Grant's passion for him, with his half-pitying contempt for me--seen not in the ordinary indications of intonation and phrase and slight action, which an acute and suspicious mind is on the watch for, but in all their naked skinless complication.
The recall affects Vienna Beef's 10-pound cases that contain Skinless Beef Frankfurters 6 8's 10# with a case code of 013180 and a package code of 9122 on the label.
You can mix and match three fresh meat for PS8, including The Butcher's Market New Zealand minted lamb chops (370g), Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets Skinless & Boneless (500g) and Pork Loin Medallions (4 pack) - which cost PS3 each when bought separately.
Turkey noodles Cook dried noodles according to the pack instructions and toss with baby sweetcorn, canned bamboo shoots, cooked skinless turkey chunks and cooked sugar snap peas.
The skinless fillets have a use by date of December 29 printed on the label - but they will actually be unsafe to eat after November 29 - a whole month earlier than advertised.
Normally I'm an advocate of using chicken with the skin on and the bone in for extra flavour and moistness buy actually a skinless boneless chicken breast works best for today's recipe.
Balsamic chicken Stock pre-chicken for and potatoes Slice a cooked, skinless chicken breast and serve with boiled and halved new potatoes, boiled peas, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach leaves.
Boneless skinless chicken breasts save the day for so many busy folks who want to get a lean, protein-filled, affordable dinner on the table in a hurry.