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intr.v. skin·ny-dipped, skin·ny-dip·ping, skin·ny-dips Informal
To swim in the nude, especially in violation of conventional standards of propriety.

skin′ny-dip′per n.
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Noun1.skinny-dipper - a naked swimmer
swimmer - a trained athlete who participates in swimming meets; "he was an Olympic swimmer"
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But she has admitted to being startled when she bumped into a skinny-dipper tourist in one of the most remote parts of Skye.
But, then again, this is the same ex-president who felt compelled to tell us of his "skinny-dipping" in a pond near his home in Plains--perhaps, there is, after all, a connection between Carter and John Quincy Adams, a notorious Potomac River skinny-dipper (p.
SKINNY-dipper Jackie Brown, 23, from Australia, is set to strip off and be photographed in all of Scotland's lochs to raise money for breast cancer charities.
I'm also a bit of a notor ious skinny-dipper. I've be en doing that since I was a kid - so I see no reason to stop doing it now."
The individuals featured include a Native American woman, a Vietnam veteran, a skinny-dipper, a teenager working a summer farm job, an Explorer Scout, and an elementary-school music teacher.
It's bloodthirsty mayhem, with a nubile young skinny-dipper the first casualty of the slaughter.
Reports surfaced Monday that the group of Republicans, and skinny-dipper Yoder, were scolded for their behavior on the trip.