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intr.v. skin·ny-dipped, skin·ny-dip·ping, skin·ny-dips Informal
To swim in the nude, especially in violation of conventional standards of propriety.

skin′ny-dip′per n.
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[ˈskɪnɪdɪpɪŋ] N to go skinny-dippingbañarse en bolas
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(ˈskini) adjective
very thin. Most fat girls long to be skinny.
ˈskinniness noun
ˈskinny-dipping noun
(slang). go skinny-dipping to swim naked.
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A French tourist spotted skinny-dipping in a fountain in Milan's Piazza Liberty was reported by affronted locals.
Nature and friendship, bumblebees and human emotions are the subjects of these songs, with three covers, including the traditional hymn "Bright Morning Stars." On "Rang Tang Ring Toon" the trio sings playfully about a gathering of friends that included music, a meal, and skinny-dipping: "The water's full of naked bodies swimming." And the lyrics to "Guilt" are spot on: "You can think about it / you can think about it all the time / and be mean to your insides / and forget that you were ten or twelve / or even twenty-five / or it can just be something that happened that way / that makes you who you are today."--JM
The New Zealand professional looked like he didn't have a care in the world as he went skinny-dipping on holiday in Italy.
However, she said that the skinny-dipping couple did make it a "really interesting wedding day" for them. 
Davison, 65, was then charged with breaching his bail by going to seaside resorts and asking children to go "skinny-dipping".
Sexy star Ellen Adarna on Sunday made waves when she flooded Instagram with several skinny-dipping photos, bearing the caption 'Be free AF.'
Agua Nacida ("Underwater Nudes") is a spellbinding, coffee-table photography book showcasing both black-and-white and full-color images of slender women skinny-dipping, swimming, diving, or posing in crystal-clear water.
The broadcaster, who has starred in several survival shows and became chief scout in 2009, told Piers Morgan he sent the picture before skinny-dipping in the sea off Wales.
The broadcaster told Piers Morgan he sent the picture before skinny-dipping in the sea off Wales.
The resort's owners say they are entitled to use the waterfall, which they need to keep their water tank full in case of a fire and to top off their pool for both skinny-dipping and as a backup water source for a fire.
Interiors guru Linda on skinny-dipping in Scotland PAGES 04&05 Your new Saturday family..