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n. pl. skipjack or skip·jacks
1. A skipjack tuna.
2. Any of various other fishes, such as the bluefish, that habitually leap out of the water.
3. pl. skip·jacks A fishing sloop having a bottom shaped like a flat V and vertical sides.

[skip (in reference to its leaping behavior) + jack, fellow.]


n, pl -jack or -jacks
1. (Animals) Also called: skipjack tuna an important food fish, Katsuwonus pelamis, that has a striped abdomen and occurs in all tropical seas: family Scombridae (mackerels and tunas)
2. (Animals) black skipjack a small spotted tuna, Euthynnus yaito, of Indo-Pacific seas
3. (Animals) any of several other unrelated fishes, such as the alewife and bonito
4. (Nautical Terms) nautical an American sloop used for oystering and as a yacht
5. (Animals) another name for a click beetle
[C18: from skip1 + jack1]



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -jack, (esp. for kinds or species) -jacks.
any of various fishes that leap above the surface of the water, as a tuna, Euthynnus pelamis, or the bonito.
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Noun1.skipjack - oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlanticskipjack - oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlantic; reaches 75 pounds; very similar to if not the same as oceanic bonito
scombroid, scombroid fish - important marine food and game fishes found in all tropical and temperate seas; some are at least partially endothermic and can thrive in colder waters
Euthynnus, genus Euthynnus - a genus of Scombridae
2.skipjack - medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific watersskipjack - medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters; less valued than tuna
genus Sarda, Sarda - bonitos
bonito - any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas
3.skipjack - able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking soundskipjack - able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking sound
elater, elaterid, elaterid beetle - any of various widely distributed beetles
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According to latest gures from the FAO, skipjack tuna prices reached $1,000/tonne in Bangkok in July - the lowest level since 2015, while prices in Spanish canneries hit [euro]1,100/ tonne in the same month.
Skipjack production also declined by 5.6 percent as manifested by the decreased number of fishing vessels unloading skipjack for canneries and reduced unloadings due to the southwest monsoon.
Because of price hikes, higher values of outputs were noted for seaweed by 16.70 percent and skipjack by 14.62 percent.
Under the new amendments only Maldivian nationals will be allowed to fish using the line fishing method; in adsition, the reforms will end the exclusive privileges granted to four specific businesses to buy and sell skipjack tuna, allowing other entities and investors to become involved in the business.
Gongona said these boats can now be used by the beneficiaries to fish within the municipal waters which is primary home to diverse marine resources like tulingan, gulyasan, and tambakol (skipjack tuna family), galunggong (round scad), dalagang-bukid (fusilier), talakitok (trevally), sapsap (ponyfish) and tamban (sardine), among others, while they wait for the restoration of the motherboat, F/B Gem-Ver 1.
This is especially true for species like tuna, skipjack and roundscad.
Southern Tide is best known for its Skipjack Polo, deemed by many to be the finest, most comfortable polo shirt.
The issue is that albacore tuna (the second-most commonly eaten type, after skipjack) is a very large fish, and spends a lot of time in mercury-laden waters.
Furthermore, we have made a comparison with the famous S-boxes, such as AES S-box, Xyi S-box, Skipjack S-box, S8 AES S-box, Residue Prime S-box, APA S-box, and Gray S-box.
There is a slight chance of confusing Atlantic bonito with yet another small tuna species: the skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis.