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skip·per 1

1. Nautical The master of a ship.
2. A coach, director, or other leader.
tr.v. skip·pered, skip·per·ing, skip·pers
To act as the skipper of.

[Middle English, from Middle Dutch, from scip, ship.]

skip·per 2

1. One that skips.
2. Any of numerous butterflies of the families Hesperiidae and Megathymidae, having a hairy mothlike body, hooked tips on the antennae, and a darting flight pattern.
3. Any of several marine fishes that often leap above water, especially a saury.


slang the practice of sleeping rough
[C20: of unknown origin]
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2 -- color) Steve Kelly has developed an intensely loyal clientele skippering the Island Tak the past 18 years.
As well as skippering the boat, Moores also acted as the official photographer on board.
Loomis, 55, was skippering the Royal Polaris when a homemade explosive blew up in the hands of second skipper James ``Rollo'' Heyn, 39, of San Diego, killing him.