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skive 1

tr.v. skived, skiv·ing, skives
To cut thin layers off (leather or rubber, for example); pare.

[Of Scandinavian origin; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

skive 2

intr.v. skived, skiv·ing, skives Chiefly British Slang
To avoid work or duty; shirk.

[Perhaps from French esquiver, to dodge (from Spanish, esquivar or Italian, eschivare, both ultimately of Germanic origin; akin to Old English scēoh, shy) or from English dialectal skive, to move quickly.]
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(MHI), has unveiled the MSS300 Super Skiving Machine which allows high-speed, high-precision cutting of internal gears.
While she's busy in her new job as party-planner he's skiving off work to go and mix cocktails at The Bistro, pictured.
While she's busy in her new job as partyplanner he's skiving off work to go and mix cocktails at The Bistro, pictured.
Skiving Councils remain one of the last bastions of union-sanctioned skiving and successive administrations, whether Tory, Labour or coalition, have failed to tackle this very Brummie malaise.
actually lying on top of the mats and had been "skiving" from work as he waited to clean the pool.
One of the time-consuming problems of OTR retreading had been rebuilding of the shoulder area after buffing and skiving. Such rebuilding by calender, hand, knife and hammer took up to 40 hours of heavy-duty work each with big tires.
Trade union leaders accused Westminster MPs of "skiving off" at a time when ordinary families were struggling to make ends meet.
Italy-based OP, the manufacturer of hydraulic hose and tubing processing equipment, has introduced the new SPF6 skiving machine which will soon replace the SPF4 and SPF3 models which are no longer manufactured.
A DELIVERY man axed for skiving yesterday won pounds 3,000 after claiming his woman boss was a bully.
A third of the women who admitted to skiving in order to shop said they'd shopped online to ensure they weren't rumbled.