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Canadian strong or brave
[C19: from Chinook Jargon]


(ˈsku kəm)

adj. Northwest U.S., Canada.
1. large and powerful; brave.
2. excellent.
[1825–35;< Chinook Jargon: strong, powerful]
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Gad, sir!" stuttered a member of the latest dynasty, a king of the Skookum Benches.
"Sir," he said to the Skookum Bench king, "no, sir.
"I t'ink dat Skookum and Booga make um plenty fight maybe," Kama remarked, as they sat down to eat.
The trend of lower stripping ratios in the open pit continued during the second quarter as the Skookum shoot was fully exposed in the pit.
Maxwell, a well-known and respected geologist with more than 35 years in the mining industry, will receive the Skookum Jim Award during PDAC's annual convention being held in March, 2019, in Toronto.
* Skookum Kids, organization award: For connecting foster children in Whatcom County to safe and loving homes
These men--George Carmack, Robert Henderson, Skookum Jim Mason and Dawson Charlie--have historically been credited with the discovery that set off one of the world's greatest gold rushes.
I have it from the lips of Indians the Doctor was not only "Skookum," but he was a "Skookum Tumtum"; to translate, "Was not only a strong enduring man, but a cheery, brave man, ready to endure all things and suffer all things, saying nothing, or making a merry jest of what some travelers might call dangerous hardships." Pat Wearmouth is a retired forester with a strong interest in the history of the Peace River country of Alberta.
8 6 Vancouver, British Columbia at SKOOKUM Festival at Stanley Park
Prior to working at Sealed Air, Pat launched the inside sales and strategic partnership teams at Skookum, a leading software services and IoT innovation firm in Charlotte, NC.
Her latest case brings her to the chilling remoteness of Oregon's mountainous Skookum National Forest, where three years earlier, Madison Culver went missing at the age of 5 while looking for a Christmas tree with her family.
When the shooting stopped, I couldn't find Skookum. I assumed she was still in the draw hunting until one of the blockers informed me that she was with him.