skulk off


w>skulk off

visich davonschleichen, sich davonstehlen
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I feel like I'm in a scene from feminist Margaret Atwood's popular series The Handmaid's Tale as I skulk off to the computer room with a pump, praying my male colleagues are oblivious as the venetian blinds shield my modesty.
CCTV footage showed the culprits lift the youngster over a barrier - then skulk off without reporting the damage, above.
Tries from Jack Arnott, Matt Evans, Toby May and Tom Duncan made Moseley skulk off like a beaten dog.
The Magpies head coach wants to instil a "toughness" in his squad so they don't "skulk off" after a defeat, but instead acknowledge the support of the St James' Park crowd or the travelling Toon Army.
After three draws, a win against Chelsea inspired belief in the David Taylor ST HELENS IT was nice to see Jose Mourinho skulk off with his tail between his legs - his sulky tirade aimed at Roberto Martinez was music to the ears of Evertonians still beaming after a stupendous performance on Saturday.
The killer makes plans to move the body, but they're scuppered when Chas thinks he should stay in and have an early night, rather than skulk off to the woods under the cover of darkness.
Embarrassed and awkward, I would skulk off to a cafe toilet rather than face the glances of customers.
And then skulk off to hide around the corner of the coop, where he waited for Jeff's next appearance.
You can't charge that for a pair of shoes then expect me to pay for those laces too." At this point mum and I skulk off but dad soon emerges victorious.
They didn't run; kids are too clued-up to bother with all that scarpering malarkey we used to do; they didn't shout back at us - too energetic for Goths - but neither did they skulk off which I would have expected from Goths.
So action by New Labour's chum means that its own Home Secretary now has to skulk off to Brussels to lodge an appeal that he has little chance of winning.
I haven't noticed any more about this, and wonder if it's still in place - if so I presume secret passages have been provided so we can skulk off out of sight.