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Skunk′ Works`

1. Trademark. engineering, technical, consulting, and advisory services with respect to designing, building, equipping, and testing commercial and military aircraft and related equipment at Lockheed Martin Corporation.
2. (usu. l.c.) Also, skunk′works`. Slang. an often secret experimental laboratory or facility for producing innovative products, as in the computer or aerospace field.
[1943 for definition 1, 1965–70 for definition 2; after the Skonk Works, an illicit distillery in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner]
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Clarence "Kelly" Johnson of Lockheed Skunkworks accomplished significant and challenging achievements from the late 1930s through the early 1980s.
Now the company is said to be experimenting on its battery system in a "secret" laboratory referred to as a "skunkworks lab" in Tesla's Kato Road facility just a few minutes from its Fremont plant.
According to sources, the investment bank has started recruiting for a secretive skunkworks project, adding that the bank "is busy hiring high level developers with full-stack and cloud-based dev skills for the new project, along with other personnel." One source says the project is still in the formative stages and that interested candidates are being asked to sign an NDA.
A different variation is a "skunkworks" model, as they create a team or division dedicated solely to delivering a specific innovation target.
Hobdell runs CZ Custom, which is a custom shop but also a bit of an R&D skunkworks for CZ--both in the United States and the Czech Republic.
A crowd of engineers has rolled out itty-bitty designs at other startups, motorcycle makers and even the skunkworks of automotive giants Renault SA and Toyota Motor Corp US drivers are deep in the grip of SUV fever at the moment, but that doesn't mean there won't be a role for these minimalist cars.
Tucked away in the basement of its Vancouver headquarters is a lab called Whitespace, the retailer's research and development skunkworks. Here a team of about 50 employees works to come up with the brand's next big idea.
That can mean establishing a completely separate innovation organization (think Lockheed-Martin's Skunkworks) or a venture division that works with startups, thus moving the innovation function entirely outside of the corporation.
ECO also recently announced that Skunkworks Surfing Co.
Richardson, the director of air vehicle technologies at Lockheed's Skunkworks, said other companies have approached it about potential collaborations on commercial supersonic aircraft over the past 15 years, but Lockheed turned down those proposals for various reasons, including insufficient funding, underdeveloped markets, and a reliance on regulatory changes.
"Strange Trails is Katie and my skunkworks project: our lab experiment, so to speak, that takes the formality out of brand discovery.