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A porter who helps travelers with their luggage at an airport.


someone whose job is to help passengers with their bags at an airport



a porter who carries passenger baggage at an airport or airline terminal.
[1940–45; sky + (red) cap]
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Noun1.skycap - a porter who helps passengers with their baggage at an airportskycap - a porter who helps passengers with their baggage at an airport
porter - a person employed to carry luggage and supplies
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The study covered eleven consumer cooperatives in Cagayan de Oro City, namely Small Christian Group Cooperative, Women Development Cooperative, Macabalan Fisherfolks Multipurpose Cooperative, Women Development Council Cooperative, East City Central Teachers and Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative, Gusa Multi-purpose Cooperative, Cagayan de Oro Air Transportation Office Multi-purpose Cooperative, Bayabas Multipurpose Cooperative, DAMGU Home Owners Multi-purpose Cooperative, NAKASA Cooperative, and SKYCAP Multi-purpose Cooperative.
The Multi-Chef Warmer also features Skycap shelving levels, a sturdy and solid 14-gauge stainless steel frame, stackable design, and open side-access for easy fuel changes.
It offers janitorial, passenger, security and transportation services to over 50 airports, leading the global market for wheelchair, baggage handling and skycap services.
Checking in luggage with the skycap? Dining at a brasserie in Belgium?
Furthermore, 26 check-in positions will be added to the terminal, as well as 32 'Skycap' check-in positions on the airport's Smart Curb pavilions.
The Curbside Check-in service is available to all customers travelling to an international location, and includes the option to book, purchase and check-in from home, drop luggage curb side with a skycap, and move directly through the security check-point.
American Airlines (NYSE:AMR) on Thursday announced it is expanding its Curbside Check-In service to give customers travelling internationally with the opportunity to check their bags with the skycap baggage handler.
"Our horses are in good shape and we were hopeful coming to Meydan," revealed the trainer who saw three of his contenders, Street Act, Skycap and Green Beret finish third.
Nor apparently did the attendant who helped him off the plane--or the skycap who left McEwen sitting cuthside in a wheelchair.
A skycap received minor injuries to his foot, and the passenger was questioned by police.
AirClic's broadened portfolio of mobile airline industry solutions includes: baggage services, such as track and trace, gate check and claim, bag expediting, bag re-routing, lost baggage returns and employee time tracking; aircraft services, such as cabin cleaning, inventory replenishment, pre-flight inspection, fuelling, de-icing and employee time tracking; airport services, such as special needs requests, skycap services, electric cart services, airport shuttles, crew transportation, security, inventory tracking and employee time tracking; and cargo services, such as track and trace, mail tracking, ULD build-up and breakdown, ULD positioning, dangerous goods tracking and employee time tracking.