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intr.v. sky·dived, sky·div·ing, sky·dives
To jump and fall freely from an airplane, often performing various maneuvers, before deploying a parachute.

sky′div′er n.
sky′div′ing n.


(Extreme Sports) the sport of parachute jumping, in which participants perform manoeuvres before opening the parachute and attempt to land accurately


or sky′ div`ing,

the sport of jumping from an airplane and descending in free fall for a considerable distance before opening a parachute.
sky′ div`er, n.
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Noun1.skydiving - performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachuteskydiving - performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute
parachuting, jump - descent with a parachute; "he had done a lot of parachuting in the army"


[ˈskaɪdaɪvɪŋ] Ncaída f libre, paracaidismo m acrobático


[ˈskaɪdaɪvɪŋ] nparachutisme m
to go skydiving → faire du parachutismesky-high sky high [ˌskaɪˈhaɪ]
to go sky high [prices, blood pressure] → monter en flèche
to blow sth sky high [+ building, bridge, car] → réduire qch en miettes
adj [prices, interest rates] → qui atteint des sommets
His confidence is sky-high → Sa confiance est au plus haut.
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The High Court has quashed a decision by the government to stop a skydiving club from running its activities at its premises in Diani, South Coast.Justice Eric Ogola quashed the decision and a notice issued by Kwale County Commissioner J K Ngumo directing Skydive Diani club to cease all skydiving activities.
The Mombasa High Court on Tuesday was to hear the case of a Diani skydiving club whose operations were ordered halted after the death of a Zambian paratrooper last month.
The victim of a skydiving incident has been identified after passing away Sunday night in Williamstown, New Jersey.
Promotion for UAE residents* Skydiving enthusiasts living in the UAE have more reasons to celebrate.
Summary: Chandigarh, (Haryana), Nov 26 (ANI): With a view to promoting adventure tourism, Haryana government has initiated skydiving aero sports at Bachhod Airstrip, Narnaul.
A video documenting Hilde's experience was posted on social media this weekend and it has gone viral since, with some users saying they're inspired to try skydiving after watching Hilde's dive.
MINI customers and their friends who joined the event at Skydive Qatar had the unique opportunity to not only experience the thrill and fun of driving the latest MINI models but could take their sense of adventure to the next level by doing a skydive at one of the world's premier skydiving facilities.
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa yesterday toured the site of Gravity Indoor Skydiving Centre in Zallaq ahead of the third FAI World Indoor Skydiving Cup which starts on Thursday.
18 (BNA): Following directives of His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Youth and Sports Affairs Minister, Hisham bin Mohammed Al-Jowdar, today paid an inspection visit to Gravity Indoor Skydiving, where he was informed about the on-going preparations to host the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2018 taking place for the first time in Bahrain and the Middle East on October 25-28.
is a commercial skydiving operator that uses the airport and designated drop zone.<br />In 2014, Skydive filed a complaint with the FAA alleging that the County violated certain grant assurances aimed at safe and efficient use of airport property.
Qatar Air Force signs an agreement with Canada's Viking Air for the purchase of DHC-6 400 Twin Otter for skydiving operations DOHA, June 11 (KUNA) -- Qatar Air Force signed an agreement with Canada's Viking Air Monday for the purchase of DHC-6 400 Twin Otter for skydiving operations, Qatari Armed Forces said in a statement, but did not specify value nor number of aircraft.
Skydiving is an extreme activity that always draws in the crowds.