(skī′lĭt) also sky·light·ed (skī′lī′tĭd)
Having a skylight.
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This month, holiday decorations replace the changing art exhibits near the elevators in the expansive lobby--past the restaurants, shops, and skylit fountain.
A skylit atrium entry planted with bamboo opens on one side to a small dining room, and on the other to an ample living room with fireplace, built-in wet bar and two full walls of clerestory-topped windows and glass sliders.
The restoration focused on splendid WPA murals located in the skylit rotunda which deteriorated because of extreme fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity and leaking pipes and roofs.
Ancillary rooms for changing, treatments and exercise are buried underground and skylit. Externally, their presence is marked by coloured cones around the rooflights which, like pieces of sculpture in the landscape, in turn create a playground for children.
Four 4-by-4 posts rise from the sides of the stairwell to support (with help from the crossbeam system) a new hip roof capped by a skylit cupola.
The five-floor mansion wraps around a central courtyard, and includes multiple reception rooms, a skylit eat-in kitchen, three fireplaces, five bedrooms and five full bathrooms.
The building features 35,000 SF of executive and administrative offices, with a skylit atrium and landscaped water garden.
At the far end, this dimly lit corridor compresses itself so that your emergence into a luminous skylit dining room is all the more striking.
retusa nitida), shown above right, is the tree you see frequently in shopping malls and skylit lobbies.
Ellison, whose father's all-but-unfathomable fortune is estimated at well above $50 billion, also maintains a pied-a-terre in lower Manhattan: an architecturally idiosyncratic and luxuriously fitted one-bedroom and one-bath penthouse in a storied Beaux-Arts building with a circular and skylit rotunda-roofed living room that she picked up in May 2013 for $2.8 million.
Skylit atriums will highlight the individual tenant entrances.
Linear arrangements of reticently designed cases underscore spatial linearity, as do the skylit ambulatories down both sides of the winter garden, from which you can stare through glass at white coated technicians, your scrutiny informed by display cases beneath the windows.