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A firework that ascends high into the air where it explodes in a brilliant cascade of flares and starlike sparks.
intr. & tr.v. sky·rock·et·ed, sky·rock·et·ing, sky·rock·ets
To rise or cause to rise rapidly and suddenly: Wheat prices skyrocketed. Discovery of oil here has skyrocketed land values.
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(Astronautics) another word for rocket11
(intr) informal to rise rapidly, as in price
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(ˈskaɪˌrɒk ɪt)

1. a rocket firework that explodes high in the air, usu. in brilliant and colorful sparks.
2. to rise or increase rapidly or suddenly, esp. to unprecedented levels.
3. to cause to rise or increase rapidly and usu. suddenly.
4. to thrust or advance suddenly or dramatically; catapult.
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Past participle: skyrocketed
Gerund: skyrocketing

I skyrocket
you skyrocket
he/she/it skyrockets
we skyrocket
you skyrocket
they skyrocket
I skyrocketed
you skyrocketed
he/she/it skyrocketed
we skyrocketed
you skyrocketed
they skyrocketed
Present Continuous
I am skyrocketing
you are skyrocketing
he/she/it is skyrocketing
we are skyrocketing
you are skyrocketing
they are skyrocketing
Present Perfect
I have skyrocketed
you have skyrocketed
he/she/it has skyrocketed
we have skyrocketed
you have skyrocketed
they have skyrocketed
Past Continuous
I was skyrocketing
you were skyrocketing
he/she/it was skyrocketing
we were skyrocketing
you were skyrocketing
they were skyrocketing
Past Perfect
I had skyrocketed
you had skyrocketed
he/she/it had skyrocketed
we had skyrocketed
you had skyrocketed
they had skyrocketed
I will skyrocket
you will skyrocket
he/she/it will skyrocket
we will skyrocket
you will skyrocket
they will skyrocket
Future Perfect
I will have skyrocketed
you will have skyrocketed
he/she/it will have skyrocketed
we will have skyrocketed
you will have skyrocketed
they will have skyrocketed
Future Continuous
I will be skyrocketing
you will be skyrocketing
he/she/it will be skyrocketing
we will be skyrocketing
you will be skyrocketing
they will be skyrocketing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been skyrocketing
you have been skyrocketing
he/she/it has been skyrocketing
we have been skyrocketing
you have been skyrocketing
they have been skyrocketing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been skyrocketing
you will have been skyrocketing
he/she/it will have been skyrocketing
we will have been skyrocketing
you will have been skyrocketing
they will have been skyrocketing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been skyrocketing
you had been skyrocketing
he/she/it had been skyrocketing
we had been skyrocketing
you had been skyrocketing
they had been skyrocketing
I would skyrocket
you would skyrocket
he/she/it would skyrocket
we would skyrocket
you would skyrocket
they would skyrocket
Past Conditional
I would have skyrocketed
you would have skyrocketed
he/she/it would have skyrocketed
we would have skyrocketed
you would have skyrocketed
they would have skyrocketed
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.skyrocket - propels bright light high in the sky, or used to propel a lifesaving line or harpoon
visual signal - a signal that involves visual communication
2.skyrocket - sends a firework display high into the sky
firework, pyrotechnic - (usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc.
Verb1.skyrocket - shoot up abruptly, like a rocket; "prices skyrocketed"
go up, rise, move up, lift, arise, come up, uprise - move upward; "The fog lifted"; "The smoke arose from the forest fire"; "The mist uprose from the meadows"
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To rise abruptly and precipitously:
Informal: shoot up.
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سَهْم ناري، صاروخ ألعاب ناريَّهيَرْتَفِع بِسُرْعَه
prudce stoupnoutraketa
rýchlo vyletieť
havaî fişekhızla artmak


A. Ncohete m
B. VIsubir (como un cohete) (fig) [prices etc] → ponerse por las nubes, dispararse
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[ˈskaɪrɒkɪt] vi [prices, rates, costs] → monter en flèche
the skyrocketing costs of health care
BUT la flambée des dépenses de santé.
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(skai) plural skies (often with the) – noun
the part of space above the earth, in which the sun, moon etc can be seen; the heavens. The sky was blue and cloudless; We had grey skies and rain throughout our holiday; The skies were grey all week.
ˌsky-ˈblue adjective, noun
(of) the light blue colour of cloudless sky. She wore a sky-blue dress.
ˈsky-diving noun
the sport of jumping from aircraft and waiting for some time before opening one's parachute.
ˈsky-diver noun
ˌsky-ˈhigh adverb, adjective
very high. The car was blown sky-high by the explosion; sky-high prices.
ˈskyjack verb
to hijack a plane.
ˈskyjacker noun
ˈskylight noun
a window in a roof or ceiling. The attic had only a small skylight and was very dark.
ˈskyline noun
the outline of buildings, hills etc seen against the sky. the New York skyline; I could see something moving on the skyline.
ˈskyrocket verb
to rise sharply; to increase rapidly and suddenly. Housing prices have skyrocketed.
ˈskyrocket noun
a rocket firework that explodes in brilliant colourful sparks.
ˈskyscraper noun
a high building of very many storeys, especially in the United State.
the sky's the limit
there is no upper limit eg to the amount of money that may be spent. Choose any present you like – the sky's the limit!
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Whiskey consumption has skyrocketed around the globe, with market volume growing more than 50 percent in the decade between 2006 and 2016, according to market researcher Euromonitor International.
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Although the data only relates to part of overall unemployment, the city MP claims it shows the numbers out of young people out of work has "skyrocketed".
As the accompanying chart shows, China's purchases from Iran--almost entirely oil--have skyrocketed in recent years as China's economy has skyrocketed and the country needs vastly more energy.
Summary: ATHENS, April 21, 2010, SPA -- Greece&'s borrowing costs skyrocketed to new record highs Wednesday as the government began crucial talks on the details of a rescue package for the debt-ridden country, AP reported.