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The sport of performing maneuvers or stunts during free fall while riding on a skyboard.

sky′-surf′ v.
sky′surf′er n.
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(Extreme Sports) the activity or sport of performing stunts while standing on a small board during the free-fall part of a parachute jump
ˈskyˌsurfer n
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Those looking for an adrenalin rush could engage in some snowblading, skysurfing or coasteering.
Skysurfing is the most terrifying sport imaginable.
The latest Scarborough study discovered not only that those who engage in extreme sports (bungee jumping, skysurfing, etc.) are 107 percent more likely to drink imported beer than the average person, but also that golfers and hunters prefer domestic light beer 64 percent more than the norm.
a) Greg's grandmother who has taken up skysurfing in retirement
You can get your kicks from hang-gliding, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting to street luge, skysurfing, and barefoot water-ski jumping.
BRITISH skysurfing champ Chris Gauge plummeted more than 10,000ft to his death when his parachute failed to open.
Gauge, 31, was making a training jump at Seville, Spain, where he had gone to set up a skysurfing school.
IAN STAFFORD met four enthusiasts - including a skysurfing granny - who would rather do anything than keep their feet firmly on the ground.
To the amazement of his friends, he jumps out of the plane, skysurfs, then parachutes down to the "country store" where he is joined and admired by several attractive young women and skysurfing friends.
Other sports include speed climbing, skateboarding, inline skating, skysurfing, BMX jumping and BMX street-riding.