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adv. & adj.
At or toward the sky.

sky′wards adv.
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Adv.1.skywards - toward the sky; "look skywards!"
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"Gad, what a fine night, and how bright the moon is!" George said, with a puff of his cigar, which went soaring up skywards.
After the victory over Dolbear, the Bell stock went soaring skywards; and the higher it went, the greater were the number of infringers and blowers of stock bubbles.
The sea, running mountains high, threw skywards with each wave mighty masses of white foam, which the tempest seemed to snatch at and whirl away into space.
A wide fissure, with hopelessly vertical sides, yawned skywards from a foam-white vortex where the mad waters shot their level a dozen feet upward and dropped it as abruptly to the black depths of battered rock and writhing weed.
Additionally, members can earn Skywards miles at other Minor Hotels including Anantara Hotels Resorts and Spas, Avani Hotels and Resorts and Tivoli Hotels and Resorts, a statement said.
Skywards Visa Infinite Credit Card from Emirates Islamic Bank offers up to 32,000 Skywards Miles per month
A new frequent flyer programme called SKYWARDS is being offered jointly by Emirates and SriLankan Airlines.
Emirates Skywards, the loyalty programme of Emirates and flydubai, in partnership with The Dubai Mall, is giving its members five strong reasons to shop this Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which starts today (December 26) .
Emirates Skywards, the loyalty program of Emirates airline, has partnered with the Entertainer to launch its own Emirates Skywards GO app for members.
Dubai: Flydubai said on Sunday it will be replacing its frequent flyer programme, adopting Emirates Skywards instead, from August 1.
Summary: Members will earn both Skywards Miles and Tier Miles every time they fly with Emirates or flydubai