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Unless the ship were to touch the land, and then only at full or slack tide. See, and the sun is just rose, and all day to sunset is us.
Anglers shouldn't cast too far into either the clean or dirty side, when slack tide has left time to find this edge (stay 20 yards into either the clean or dirty side, initially).
Slack tide, however, produced cod and ling from the wrecks with the odd pollack into double figures also reported.
Careful planning went into ensuring that the divers were ready to execute during the calm slack tide periods.
"In nautical terms, the supertanker market is a confused swell, or a slack tide," said Ashok Sharma, managing director of BRS Baxi Far East in Singapore.
"We've heard about them swimming from Jura to Islay at slack tide. We think it came from some rocks and decided to swim over to the island but it was out in quite open water.
Even in the slack tide the whirlpool was raging, so much so that the captain even contemplated turning back.
Within tidal stages, belugas were more often seen in high slack tide (i.e., peak water levels; 32 out of 96 sightings) and least often during low slack tide (i.e., lowest water levels; 3 out of 96 sightings; Table 4).
'I had to work fast as a speed boat was nearing and slack tide was due to cease.
"Sometimes fish can bite ferociously for two hours on an incoming tide, then completely vanish at slack tide,'' Cellucci said.