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A line of nylon webbing or other material that is stretched above the ground at a tension that allows the user to sway and spring when performing stunts and balancing maneuvers.
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essential services: Sports equipment / installations: Sleeve stretching device - 6 pieces, Swedish wall bars - 2 pieces, Action center - 1 piece, Climbing ladder climbing pole system - 1 piece, Climbing device for 5 ropes - 1 piece, Multi-swing system - 2 pieces, Volleyball court - 1 piece, Badminton equipment - 3 pieces, Basketball target boards - 2 pieces, Basketball practice equipment - 4 pieces, Slackline - 1 piece.
There will also be a demonstration by slackline walker Alex Mason.
In addition to dodgeball and the Japanese Kendo, activities organised especially for children on Pitch 10 from 9am to 3pm include Boot camp and Telematch competitions, 5-a-side tournaments, football, martial arts and slackline skills demonstrations.
Warnings: "WARNING: strangulation hazard"; "CAUTION: Remember a Slackline can be a potentially dangerous piece of equipment and can cause serious injury or even death", and other warnings/cautions
Watch a daredevil acrobat tackle a 70m slackline across the 'river', jugglers, stilt-walkers, workshops, sideshows, parades and much more.
Alex Mason teamed up with various photographers, including National Geographic's Keith Ladzinski, to slackline across a ravine during the August 21 solar eclipse.
Staff take the ropes while kids learn to climb and slackline.
I'm a junior highliner so I'm just learning to stand up, but Sarah is a world record holder for the distance she can get across the slackline.
As atividades citadas na opcao "outros" foram: danca, zumba, slackline, futebol, natacao, mountain bike e treinamento funcional.
American Heather Larsen walks on a slackline over the Tower of David in Jerusalem's Old City, yesterday.
At the turn of the century, all of the following equipment was in wide use in the rock products industry: steam shovels; draglines; slackline cableways; drag scrapers; centrifugal pump, bucket ladder, and clamshell dredges; and hydraulicking.