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Noun1.slagheap - pile of waste matter from coal mining etc
cumulation, heap, pile, agglomerate, cumulus, mound - a collection of objects laid on top of each other
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So long as those people are portrayed as feckless, sexually incontinent losers they will be judged as architects of their own downfalls, rather than victims of circumstance, thrown on the slagheap by a government intent on feathering its own nest.
The first of his steel sentinels was erected on the Bersham slagheap in April, and both have been built in the same twisted metal style as a tribute to the area's mining heritage.
e 1/5th and 1/6th South Staordshire Regiment were enjoined to capture Big Willie and then move on to take a defensive site called Fosse 8, a mine at the base of a slagheap.
The playground was paid for with cash donated by Coventrians horrified when 116 children and 28 adults were killed by a slagheap which slipped down a mountainside in 1966.
Above Nine Mile Run stands Summerset at Frick Park, a progressive housing development built atop a former slagheap. What was once a dead, forbidding landscape has been transformed into a coveted residential neighborhood where houses are diversely designed, green spaces circumscribe the lots and gates are eschewed to encourage an interactive community.
There were moving scenes as she made an address in the village of Aberfan where the collapse of a slagheap claimed the lives of 116 children and 28 adults in October 1966.
Sharp's Field Notebooks record: 'Henry Cave, Clay Batch, Midsomer Norton (known at P[ost] 0[ffice]).' (19) Although 'batch' was an old word meaning hill or slope, in this area it had also come to mean a slagheap. It may be that it was at Clay Batch that Sharp sought out Henry Cave in September 1907.
If the whip was banned on the run-in then, at a stroke, the spectacle of tired horses being beaten would be forever consigned to the slagheap of history.
We don't have the names of all five lads gathered round the timber pile (top) sorting their finds, but three of them are pictured (above) on the 'slagheap' hill with their bucket.
The boy was taken out by guards and dumped in a human slagheap. He eventually awoke and made his way off.