slam down

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w>slam down

vt sep (= put down violently)hinknallen (inf); phoneaufknallen (inf); windowzuknallen; to slam something down on the tableetw auf den Tisch knallen
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Dani Dzakovic had 18 points for BaliPure which closed in at 12-13 in the fifth only to see Esdelle slam down a point and top local Water Defender Grace Bombita committing an attack error.
Summary: You cannot slam down your mobile phone because they are very expensive
Apart from a few things my body doesn't like - I can't slam down on my knees any more, because they've sustained a bit of damage through years of dancing - I feel the same as I ever did" Arlene Phillips, 75, former Strictly Come Dancing judge "How can two per cent of the British population not know who I am?" Broadcaster Piers Morgan who, according to a survey, is the fifth most famous person in the UK with a 98 per cent recognition rating
Our advice to workers is to slam down the telephone on any smooth-talking stranger offering a deal that is too good to be true - because it might result in a life of misery.
They are being welcomed in their constituencies by people with a compassion which refuses to slam down even in the most deplorable living conditions.
One of the reasons that the Ford Mustang has been famous for is the roar of its engine - fire up the eight-cylinder, 5.0-litre beast and pretty much the entire neighbourhood would either admiringly peep out of windows or annoyedly slam down shutters for you having disturbed their peace.
Too short of a cab leaves little room for the seat to stroke, reset and absorb energy, potentially leading to harsher slam down events.
The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 is an epic powerplant, and nothing prepares you for the tidal wave of torque when you slam down the throttle.
"When I took over I didn't have a 2013 Grand Slam down as a target.
INVOXIA AUDIOFFICE PS300 MISS the days when you could slam down the receiver on a boring workplace call but are now tied to an iPhone for calls?
Link-up and break-up rumours are run-of-the-mill in Bollywood, but these days even newcomers have learned the tact to slam down the buzz very neatly.