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At a slant or slope; obliquely.
Slanting; oblique.


(ˈslɑːntˌwaɪz) ,




adv, adj
(prenominal) in a slanting or oblique direction
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Adv.1.slantwise - at a slant; moving or directed in a slantwise position or direction


[ˈslɑːntwaɪz] ADJoblicuamente, al sesgo


[ˈslɑːntˌwaɪz] slantways [ˈslɑːntˌweɪz] adj & advdi traverso
References in classic literature ?
2] A little later the Matterhorn took to himself the semblance of a volcano; he was stripped naked to his apex-- around this circled vast wreaths of white cloud which strung slowly out and streamed away slantwise toward the sun, a twenty-mile stretch of rolling and tumbling vapor, and looking just as if it were pouring out of a crater.
The sun was shining slantwise over the field, and showed all the moist, dark soil just like any other newly-planted piece of ground.
The Abbot stood by the narrow window, and his long black shadow fell slantwise across the rush-strewn floor.
Rays of sunlight fell slantwise across the little town which glittered like a diamond, for the soft red light which poured over it like a flood was reflected by all its window-panes.
As he turned it slantwise to the light, the glint upon the rims of the copper shells within the drum showed that it was fully loaded.
But these objects, which keep their own counsel under slantwise weather are even stranger than they appear.
Personal access to the system is also always slantwise and preconditioned by angle of entry.
Penis surrounded with short chitinous thimble-shaped, distally slantwise cut sheath.
The windows bulge out over the street, as if they were little stern windows in a ship and a door opens out of the sitting room onto a little open gallery with plants in it where one leans over a queer old rail and looks all down hill and slantwise at the crookedest old black and yellow houses.
5) The Freeman's Journal critic remembered the screens having been placed slantwise across the stage, suggesting the pillars of the Egyptian temple.
Rain still fell in a fine drizzle; water rippled slantwise across the yard to the drain.
No action hero, thank you: I'll just take this phantom kid with a long dash of hair inked slantwise over his forehead, unevenly printed on coarse, glued-together pages that won't last more than ten years (which I figure is about right).