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At a slant or slope; obliquely.
Slanting; oblique.
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(ˈslɑːntˌwaɪz) ,




adv, adj
(prenominal) in a slanting or oblique direction
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Adv.1.slantwise - at a slant; moving or directed in a slantwise position or direction
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[ˈslɑːntwaɪz] ADJoblicuamente, al sesgo
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[ˈslɑːntˌwaɪz] slantways [ˈslɑːntˌweɪz] adj & advdi traverso
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References in classic literature ?
The Abbot stood by the narrow window, and his long black shadow fell slantwise across the rush-strewn floor.
As he turned it slantwise to the light, the glint upon the rims of the copper shells within the drum showed that it was fully loaded.
[2] A little later the Matterhorn took to himself the semblance of a volcano; he was stripped naked to his apex-- around this circled vast wreaths of white cloud which strung slowly out and streamed away slantwise toward the sun, a twenty-mile stretch of rolling and tumbling vapor, and looking just as if it were pouring out of a crater.
Rays of sunlight fell slantwise across the little town which glittered like a diamond, for the soft red light which poured over it like a flood was reflected by all its window-panes.
The sun was shining slantwise over the field, and showed all the moist, dark soil just like any other newly-planted piece of ground.
The atmosphere is relatively stable here, but this can be a good setup for bands of moderate to heavy snow and sleet, which meteorologists sometimes identify as being caused by something called "slantwise convection." It's far too technical to describe here, but we occasionally see it within warm advection patterns where there is strong forcing.
As usual, Mosley's superpower lies in his slantwise take on the world and his characters, of whom there are dozens, and every one is memorable, even if they speak only a line or two.
Queer orientations might be those that don't line up, which by seeing the world 'slantwise' allow other objects to come into view.
Western readers may find the allusions frustratingly indirect, but Kadare has accustomed himself to telling his tales slantwise, even in a post-totalitarian era where anything goes.
To guarantee the stability and waterproofing effect of walls, the wall footing of the former was usually built by laying heavy granite blocks slantwise or horizontally, looking solemn and rustic; the latter was mostly built by horizontally laying granite obtained from shipping transportation, where the practice of slantwise laying was rarely seen.
That is to say, I was approaching the idea sort of slantwise through a boozy haze.