slap down

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a. A sharp blow made with the open hand or with a flat object; a smack.
b. The sound of such a blow.
2. A sharp insult: a slap to one's pride.
v. slapped, slap·ping, slaps
1. To strike with the palm of the hand or a flat object: slapped him in the face.
2. To cause to strike forcefully and loudly: "He took a clipping from his wallet and slapped it on the bar" (Nathanael West).
3. To put or place quickly or carelessly: slapped butter on a bagel.
a. To subject to a legal obligation, such as a fine or court order: slapped him with a speeding ticket; slapped her with a lawsuit.
b. To impose (a legal obligation) on someone: The judge slapped an additional fine on the unruly defendant.
To strike or beat with the force and sound of a slap: waves slapping against the raft.
adv. Informal
Directly and with force: drove slap into the guardrail.
Phrasal Verb:
slap down
To restrain or correct by emphatic censure; rebuke: "thought [he] was getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down" (New York Times).
slap on the wrist
A nominal or token punishment.

[Middle English slappe.]

slap′per n.

slap down

(tr, adverb) informal to rebuke sharply, as for impertinence

w>slap down

vt sep (inf)
(= put down)hinknallen
(fig) to slap somebody downjdm eins aufs Dach or auf den Deckel geben (inf); to be slapped downeins aufs Dach or auf den Deckel bekommen (inf)
References in classic literature ?
He said she would slap down a line, and if she couldn't find anything to rhyme with it would just scratch it out and slap down another one, and go ahead.
Now she has to slap down Chancellor Philip Hammond for saying they'll be only "very modest changes" to our relationship with the EU after we leave.
JASON HARRIES is hellbent on helping Edinburgh slap down the Scarlets - and wipe away the memory of being robbed of a vital try.
David Cameron insisted he was right to slap down Mr Trump's "very dangerous" comments about Muslims, but said he would meet with any presidential nominee if they were to visit the UK.
Walsh said: "We argued the slap down the shoulder on the approach to the last was corrective and for safety.
Not so many decades ago, if you went into almost any gun shop anywhere in the country and asked for a box of cartridges for your Model 94, the clerk would likely slap down one of two brands, both virtually identical.
STOKE will slap down a fresh offer for Lokomotiv Moscow's pounds 3 million-rated Haminu Dramani next week - and the Ghana winger is determined to force through his dream move to England.