slash off

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w>slash off

vt sepabschlagen; to slash £500 off the budget£ 500 aus dem Etat streichen
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The President said central government has no money to allocate to the counties, telling both Houses members to slash off their pay to increase the allocation to the counties.
Even bigger, those who successfully complete all challenges may happily slash off P 5,000.00 outright from their purchase of any Swift, Spin, Nitro, and Helios model!
For people who want to dress for the occasion while on the go, Hackett and Ricardo Preto Man will offer 30 percent off on select merchandise, while Adolfo Dominguez, Bluemint and Psycho Bunny will slash off up to 25 percent on select collections.
PATRICK Dolan is a serial energy switcher - so much so that he's lost count of how much he has managed to slash off his bills over the past few years.
Pant tried a fancy slash off Dale Phillips to be caught at short third-man while Sarfaraz was played on off Nathan Smith's bowling.
The Lions' captain, Eoin Morgan, was to make only five before throwing his wicket away with an ugly slash off Lyon to Watson, again at first slip.
With their maps, measurements, slide-rules and pencils, undiscerning Cardiff planners are to slash off for ever segments of our precious green belt, condemning them to be part of the continuously encroaching concrete environment.
11 Parwinder Awana's ( 3) slash off a Ranadeb Bose half- volley and managed to pull off a blinder at the wide first slip.
Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial, AirAsia said: "We decided to have a 20% slash off as we feel that AirAsia guests deserve to have low fares to all the destinations we service globally to experience the vast connectivity of our route network.
Carmakers are anxious not to start a price war, so you won't see these epic discounts advertised, but dealers tell me that in extreme cases on run-out models they'll even slash off as much as 40 per cent to clinch a sale.
Naqaash Tahir, fielding at third man, made a horrible mess of Colin Smith's edged slash off Trott to sum up a miserable performance
She proves no slouch with the flashing blade herself as they trade wisecracks and try to slash off each other's clothes.