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1. Characteristic of or befitting a slattern.
2. Slovenly; untidy.

slat′tern·li·ness n.
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Noun1.slatternliness - in the manner of a slattern
slovenliness - habitual uncleanliness
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He had been rather corpulent, but now he had a dried-up, yellow look: the skin of his neck was loose and winkled; his clothes hung about him as though they had been bought for someone else; and his collar, three or four sizes too large, added to the slatternliness of his appearance.
Due to their slatternliness I cut-off any kind of communications with them in December 2016', the governor stated in his application in black and white.
"I did God forgive me promise him all my services and my love, though the rogue knows he deserves none from me, nor do I intend to show him any; but as he dissembles to me, so I must with him." Pepys rattles on forever about the meanness of Penn's table--"a bad, nasty supper," "deadly foul" dishes--and the slatternliness of his household, the plainness of his ancient wife and of his deeply uncharming daughter--"ugly she is as heart could wish," which does not, however prevent him from fondling her--yet he is detached enough to recognize Penn as "the ablest man in England" to take over the job of Navy Comptroller, should the position become vacant.