slave dealer

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Noun1.slave dealer - a person engaged in slave trade
victimiser, victimizer - a person who victimizes others; "I thought we were partners, not victim and victimizer"
white slaver - a person who forces women to become prostitutes
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Michel Jajolet de la Courbe, a French explorer and slave dealer, described a rice dish from west Africa in the late 17th century, in which he defined chillies as "a green or red fruit, shaped like a cucumber, and with a taste resembling that of pepper".
Standouts are Paul Giamatti as a violent slave dealer, Alfre Woodard as a slave who has managed to be released from the daily dread and Brad Pitt, who plays one of the few good white men on the plantations.
The first ballet to be screened will be "Le Corsaire," an adventurous story about a pirate trying to ravish a woman named Medora, who has been sold to a slave dealer.
Martha's father was John Wayles, a wealthy planter, slave dealer, and lawyer, who had been married four times by the time Martha was thirteen.
After several indifferent international film productions, Kubrick cast him in "Spartacus" as a bemused Roman slave dealer.
An out-and-out cynic, Slave Dealer himself wonders why Physician should show concern for the health of traitors condemned to a fate worse than death.
Other lead roles are danced with equal vigor and passion by Malakhov as the malicious slave dealer, De Luz as Conrad's unfaithful cohort, and Paloma Herrera as Medora's fellow slave.
In attempting either to entrap or to escape from each other by illegitimate means, Isadora and Rutherford find themselves in bondage to the black slave dealer.
These slave dealers were strangers to us and from [another] part of the state.
Horses were rare in Luanda, but one of the most influential Portuguese slave dealers, Arsenio Pompilio, a man who expressed his elevated social status by having a white page boy to accompany him on his outings, lent Tams both his horse and his page.