slave trader

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Noun1.slave trader - a person engaged in slave trade
victimiser, victimizer - a person who victimizes others; "I thought we were partners, not victim and victimizer"
white slaver - a person who forces women to become prostitutes
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Ironically, this stirring song, closely associated with the African-American community, was written by a former slave trader, John Newton.
Slave trader Banastre Tarleton, the town's bullish MP, attacked the anti-slavery petitions of the 1790s as "the work of deluded fanatics".
Forrest wasn't just a military strategist, however, ( he also was a slave trader and an early member of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organization.
For 60 years he was a leading Newcastle citizen, four times mayor and a merchant adventurer, who served his apprenticeship under George Cuncliffe, a leading Liverpool slave trader, and then became manager of his cousin's estate at Wallington Hall in Northumberland, importing slave-produced Jamaican rum.
In white Charleston's memory, your granddad wasn't a slave trader, and slaves were happy "servants." Old plantations were marketed to visitors as "gardens." Black Charlestonians begged to differ.
Juan de Ainciburo, the director of this voyage, was allegedly an experienced slave trader on the coast of Africa who might have worked for foreign slavers before.
Heywood offers a fascinating history of Njinga: queen, warrior, slave trader, military leader, and more.
Set on Africa's west coast in the late eighteenth century, Kay Marshall Strom's The Call of Zulina is the first in a series of fast-moving historical romances in which Grace Winslow, daughter of a slave trader and an African princess, struggles to survive as a free woman.
Christian church congregations and other faith-based groups should respond to the epic-scaled saga of how John Newton, an 18th-century British slave trader, experienced a "miraculous" religious conversion, became an Anglican minister, and went on to write 200 church hymns, including the stirring title piece.
THE WIDOW of a man who grew up on a slave trader's plantation is campaigning to bring his lifestory to a wide audience.
FORGOTTEN Welsh explorer John Petherick had his reputation ruined when he was branded a slave trader by rival Victorian explorer John Hanning Speke.