slave-making ant

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slave-mak·ing ant

Any of various species of ant, such as Polyergus breviceps, that raid the nests of other ants and carry off the pupae in order to provide workers for their own colony.
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slave′-mak`ing ant`

an ant that raids the colonies of other ant species, carrying off larvae and pupae to be reared as slaves.
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Noun1.slave-making ant - an ant that attacks colonies of other ant species and carries off the young to be reared as slave ants
ant, emmet, pismire - social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers
Formica sanguinea, sanguinary ant - slave-making ant widely distributed over the northern hemisphere
Amazon ant, Polyergus rufescens - small reddish slave-making ant species
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If we had not known of any other slave-making ant, it would have been hopeless to have speculated how so wonderful an instinct could have been perfected.
Huber to be a slave-making ant. This species is found in the southern parts of England, and its habits have been attended to by Mr.
Instincts comparable with habits, but different in their origin -- Instincts graduated -- Aphides and ants -- Instincts variable -- Domestic instincts, their origin -- Natural instincts of the cuckoo, ostrich, and parasitic bees -- Slave-making ants -- Hive-bee, its cell-making instinct - - Difficulties on the theory of the Natural Selection of instincts -- Neuter or sterile insects -- Summary.
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From the perspective of evolutionary history, the American slave-making ant Protomognathus americanus is an old social parasite that is entirely dependent on other ant species for its survival.
Sex ratio determination and worker reproduction in the slave-making ant Harpagoxenus sublaevis.
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So reports Howard topoff, a psychologist at Hunter College in New York City, who has been analyzing the behavior of the western slave-making ant, Polyergus breviceps, in an Arizona mountain desert.
The "chief family" of slave-making ants (owners) is called "The Shining" because their bodies "shine with a gloss like varnish." A well-orchestrated slave ant society is comprised of several central roles: the slave-makers, the masters, and the slaves themselves.
Slave-making ants sometimes mark victims for violence during a takeover, yet "this is the first study of which I am aware that shows this is going on inside a single colony.