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slav·er 1

intr.v. slav·ered, slav·er·ing, slav·ers
1. To slobber; drool.
2. To behave in an obsequious manner. See Synonyms at fawn1.
1. Saliva drooling from the mouth.
2. Senseless and effusive talk; drivel.

[Middle English slaveren, probably from Old Norse slafra.]

slav·er 2

One, such as a person or ship, that is engaged in the trafficking of slaves.
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References in classic literature ?
Will you do battle for your life against these four?" And he pointed to Greysnout and to Blackfang, to Blood and to Deathgrip, who watched him with slavering lips; "or will you stand face to face with me, and if I am slain, with him who bears the club, and with whom I rule this people black and grey?"
To face that savage mountain of onrushing ferocity, to stand unshaken before the hideous fangs that he knew were bared in slavering blood-thirstiness, though he could not see them, required nerves of steel; but of such were the nerves of Carthoris of Helium.
Garin was on his shoulder, and his breast and feet all at the same time, so that Stanley spoke all through a cloud of Garin--gulping, sobbing, slavering Garm.
In this event the bull would, according to custom, approach quite close to the object of his attention, growling hideously and baring slavering fangs.
The man watched the slow approach of the monster, the slavering jowls, the malignant expression of the devilish face.
If their pet barks all day 'it is just talking' and if you complain it is you who are being difficult; if it jumps up at you muddy and slavering it is 'only being friendly'; if it bites you, you must have 'done something to upset it'; if it defecates on the pavement it is 'only doing what comes naturally'; if you are picnicking and it eats your sandwiches 'you should have kept the lid on the box.'.
I am tired of diversity utopians smearing Leave voters as slavering xenophobes by association.
Unlike deranged dobermans or slavering pit bulls, urban foxes have never killed a child.
They forecast usually sober drivers slavering at the thought of a booze-up at this pub, drinking deep there, then staggering, paralytic, to screech off.
I look forward to goal-line technology, the disappearance of "Fergie time" and the supine slavering of the media.
Statto was caught by Sky cameras whispering into Fergie's ear moments before Nemanja Vidic's goal and then slavering all over him moments later.
You play Randall Wayne, a survivor of a mysterious disaster that turned Seattle's population into slavering Shadows.