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n. Slang
A sleazy person.


(ˈsliːzˌbɔːl) or


slang an odious and contemptible person
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With the new studio up and running, Benjy is pushing harder than ever to carve out a reputation of trustworthiness in an over-saturated market, but that's like trying to pick up a girl at a bar; with so many sleazebags out there, it's impossible to take the genuine ones seriously, and people are only impressed by flash and money, not value.
There are some sleazebags in politics," Geren said, "and these guys are going to fall right in that bracket.
Ultimate Fighting Championship head honcho Dana White and former UFC striker War Machine were both included in a feature by Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine that called them the "Biggest Sleazebags in Sports.
Being such a bag of filthy hormones, Lee and his fellow sleazebags (duck-snogging, nappy-sporting Dappy and Dappy-nipple-snogging Luisa), took valuable time away from the other housemates.
There's all these sleazebags trying to make money out of you so you can't really get involved with too many people from the game.
Instead I learn that the majority of public opinion dictates that we are all sleazebags and liars.
With his sexuality normalized through domesticity, the author of a 1988 Cosmopolitan interview is able to concede that he has romantic appeal: "Okay, so he's bald, about as statuesque as a fireplug, has played almost nothing but sleazebags.
In 21st-century America, it's not uncommon for the story of a missing child to dominate the television for days, inviting comment from anchors and commentators, pundits and wonks, celebrities and sleazebags.
What a pity we don't have a Prime Minister with the guts to have got rid of him and all the other Labour sleazebags who should be out on their backsides with no golden handshakes, pensions or credibility.
Some things needed remedying, but we were wrong to suggest that the Major government and most members of the parliamentary Conservative party were sleazebags.