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n. Slang
A sleazy person.


(ˈsliːzˌbɔːl) or


slang an odious and contemptible person
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A SLEAZEBALL has been jailed for six weeks for texting revenge porn of his ex to her new man - who then sent it to her sister.
Red Concepcion plays the Engineer, the self-serving, brothel-owning sleazeball who can get anything from a night with a prostitute to passage out of the country.
All this gave Wood a brilliant platform for comedy, not least with Dickens (a hilariously-intense portrayal by Scott), who was presented to us as a vain and self-obsessed egotist - and sleazeball.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui (he plays a sleazeball named DK), Akshaye Khanna and Adnan Siddiqui leave a strong impact in the little that they are given to do in the trailer.
Keith Vaz is a cheat and a sleazeball yet all week he's been strutting round looking like he's won the lottery, trying to pin the blame for his male prostitute shame on this newspaper, which he accused of setting him up.
With a scuzzy style to match its sleazeball vision of spotlight desperation and depravity, this Tinseltown satire--led by voice work from Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt--revels in the foulness of 21st-century pop culture, albeit to a degree that's ultimately both exhausting and redundant.
But the problem here is that despite Law's notable performance as a South London sleazeball (the complete opposite from his Dr.
There is no attempt to try being cute or likeable, DiCaprio knows that he is being invited to portray a sleazeball and he goes for it.
This sleazeball, caught up in his own misguided sense of importance, was ill-advised to speak out and seek to defend the indefensible.
When he started calmly bumping people off - including, thankfully, the standard issue sneering sleazeball journo - then spying on others from a bizarre pyramid of office furniture, it was clear this silent assassin was stark staring mad.
This sleazeball has no place advising anybody on anything, but it shows that, along with Jeffrey Archer, the Conservatives haven't learnt their lesson.
I WANT CANDY (15) Two film students approach a sleazeball producer to finance their 90 minute masterpiece.