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n. Slang
A sleazy person.
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(ˈsliːzˌbɔːl) or


slang an odious and contemptible person
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The game is not going to be killed by sleazeball agents, who suck billions of pounds out of the game, oh no.
He's the toast of the town and very much using and abusing his fame and popularity (if it had been 2019, there'd be a #MeToo campaign against the sleazeball), but as we see during a dramatic jazz hands-filled musical dream sequence, he's still feeling worthless and suicidal.
This new outing sees sleazeball star Larry Laffer escape from two decades of cryosleep, providing a new focus on unpicking the complexities of modern day dating, from selfies and dating apps to choosing the best kind of craft beer.
These aren't "credit repair" ripoffs, where you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to sleazeball companies.
is accepted by everyone over the age of 10, even those who love him, as a dishonest sleazeball with ADD issues...
Except now the power of the internet the freedom of anonymity, that strange space where one can directly interact with others but also be removed from real-life action has meant that for every sleazeball sending unsolicited photos of their genitals, there is a recipient that can screenshot it and expose you to the entire world, to the chorus of applause.
All this gave Wood a brilliant platform for comedy, not least with Dickens (a hilariously-intense portrayal by Scott), who was presented to us as a vain and self-obsessed egotist - and sleazeball.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui (he plays a sleazeball named DK), Akshaye Khanna and Adnan Siddiqui leave a strong impact in the little that they are given to do in the trailer.
With a scuzzy style to match its sleazeball vision of spotlight desperation and depravity, this Tinseltown satire--led by voice work from Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt--revels in the foulness of 21st-century pop culture, albeit to a degree that's ultimately both exhausting and redundant.
But the problem here is that despite Law's notable performance as a South London sleazeball (the complete opposite from his Dr.
There is no attempt to try being cute or likeable, DiCaprio knows that he is being invited to portray a sleazeball and he goes for it.