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1. smooth; glossy
2. unctuous
3. deceitful; crafty; sly
[Scottish, from past participle of sleek]


(ˈsli kɪt)

also sleeked


adj. Chiefly Scot.
1. sleek; smooth.
2. crafty; sly.
[past participle of sleek2]
References in classic literature ?
There is the field mouse--the "wee sleekit,* cow'rin', tim'rous beastie," whose nest he turned up and destroyed in his November plowing.
All of the bairns enjoyed wee sleekit craft activities and haggis hurling.
Sleekit Brian Laing, 24, was caught on camera as he tried the door handle of a vehicle parked in Whitesbridge Avenue, Ferguslie, on November 27.
My chicken schnitzel with caramelised pineapple and bacon was also very tasty and more than set me up for an afternoon chasing "our wee sleekit beasties" round the wooden fort at nearby Culzean Castle.
SLEEKIT snake Mushu's five months on the run in a hire van finally ended yesterday when she was found behind a seatbelt.
In comparison to the skulduggery of the sleekit tramp, the stereotypically Scottish characteristics of thrift, shrewdness and 'clannishness' are presented as favourable, eminently desirable qualities within a colonial context.
The trouble with Dafydd is he thinks I'm just as sleekit as he is - that my real game is to bounce Cameron into devo max.
Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie
To what animal was Robert Burns referring with the words "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie"?
The thespian cleared his throat, then boomed: "Wee sleekit, cow'rin, Security beastie, with a panic's in they breastie.
There is something especially insidious and sleekit about using gas, perhaps because the victims are acutely conscious, helpless and terrified as they choke to death.
I went to the first bed," said the consultant, "and the old man in it started gibbering, 'Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie