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Verb1.sleep late - sleep later than usual or customary; "On Sundays, I sleep in"
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For instance, Alexandra Ivanovna liked to sleep late, and was always dreaming, though her dreams had the peculiarity of being as innocent and naive as those of a child of seven; and the very innocence of her dreams annoyed her mother.
On the night of her death, she went to her room to sleep late at night, while the boyfriend had gotten drunk and gone to bed in his room, earlier.
We often sleep late because we have a lot to do in a day and we just don't get the time.
The 83-year-old French-born prince died in his sleep late on Tuesday, the palace said, adding that it would respect his wish not to be buried in a tomb prepared for him and Margrethe who he said had never acknowledged him as her equal.
A statement on the royal house's website said the prince died in his sleep late on Tuesday, with the queen at his side.
Texas has the earliest primaries in the country, on March 6; everybody else gets to sleep late.
1 seconds left before Canaleta put the Elite to sleep late.
Pregnancy support charity Tommy's has launched the Sleep on Side campaign to raise awareness among women of the risks of going to sleep on their backs for any kind of sleep late in pregnancy.
They sleep late at night and get up early to go to school.
The phenomenon is termed as "social jet lag," which happens when you sleep late and wake up later on weekends.
Regulate sleep: If you normally sleep late and wake up late, start regulating your sleep from now, because during Ramadan you will be waking up early for suhour.
Sleep late, read in the afternoon, put your feet up whenever you feel like it.