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Verb1.sleep late - sleep later than usual or customary; "On Sundays, I sleep in"
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For instance, Alexandra Ivanovna liked to sleep late, and was always dreaming, though her dreams had the peculiarity of being as innocent and naive as those of a child of seven; and the very innocence of her dreams annoyed her mother.
Certainly there is a place for the loud, boozy, tacky, party hard, sleep late tourists who are mostly young, but, being younger, many of these people yearn to travel and visit different places, not return to the same year after year.
Teens are wired by nature to sleep late. They need at least eight hours of sleep at minimum to promote good health.
We work hard, we sleep late, we get tired, and we get stressed sometimes,' he said.
A high percentage of fatalities occurs because sleeping habits change as people tend to sleep late and wake up early.
Same with teenagers too, whose brains are wired to sleep late and wake up at noon.
Frankie Sicari is roused from sleep late one night by a key rattling in the front door lock.
Police said that the boy went to sleep late Wednesday but did not wake up in the morning.
It's very hard for me to sleep late. This Sunday I woke up at about 4.30am - that's a lie in for me.
We both woke up late because we both went to sleep late last night.
"The meals are poor and we are always forced to sleep late and wake up as early as 3 am," said one who sought anonymity.
You can sleep late on Thursday and Sunday Because school's closed - it's the #Eid holiday!