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Living at one's place of employment: a sleep-in housekeeper.



1. residing at the place of one's employment: a live-in maid.
2. living in a cohabitant relationship.
3. a live-in person.
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After enjoying the sleep-ins and the bathroom, Parry and Evans left with a haul of goods including PlayStations, games and an Apple MacBook worth PS1,200.
It provides a range of services, from daily calls and sleep-ins to bespoke live-in care services.
Beating insomnia Keeping regular sleeping hours with no Sunday sleep-ins can help, and wearing moisturewicking fabrics in bed.
Planned care at night will include waking nights and sleep-ins to be covered from 22:00 to 7:00.
The plaza where the police car was surrounded has seen many protests, from sleep-ins aimed at persuading the university to divest its money from South Africa in 1985 to an Occupy Wall Street-style encampment in 2011 that campus police broke up with batons.
If Silber wants to make a positive contribution to solving the homeless problem he might suggest, as a first step, that the city of Eugene and Lane County do a better job of separating those truly in need from those who view the entire program - the sleep-ins, camp-ins, demonstrations, City Council appearances, etc.
TYNESIDE writer Lee Hall rallied campaigners to stage sleep-ins at libraries across the city.
And sleep-ins are the order of the day for the Aussies to ensure they're primed for the late starts.
Be warned, though, there's a mosque across the street and that early-morning call to prayer isn't exactly scheduled to suit holiday sleep-ins.
Be warned though, there's a mosque across the street and that early-morning call to prayer won't suit holiday sleep-ins.
No more Saturday morning cartoons or late sleep-ins for these kids.