sleeping beauty

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Sleep′ing Beau′ty

the heroine of a fairy tale who is awakened from a charmed sleep by the kiss of a prince.
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Noun1.Sleeping Beauty - fairy story: princess under an evil spell who could be awakened only by a prince's kissSleeping Beauty - fairy story: princess under an evil spell who could be awakened only by a prince's kiss
2.sleeping beauty - a person who is sleeping soundly
sleeper, slumberer - a rester who is sleeping
3.sleeping beauty - a potential takeover target that has not yet been put in play
takeover target, target company - a company that has been chosen as attractive for takeover by a potential acquirer
Prinsessa Ruusunen
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Years ago I went in search of The Sleeping Beauty, whom I had read of in a book.
If you will turn me white, so that I may go back to The Sleeping Beauty, I will give you half my kingdom and anything besides you ask.
The Sleeping Beauty would never have him, even if he did," said Dab-Dab.
I don't believe the poor booby found The Sleeping Beauty at all," said Jip, the dog.
Bishop Percy, like a knight of old, laid his lance in rest and tilted against the prickly briar hedge that had grown up around the Sleeping Beauty, Romance.
But the kiss had been maudlin and unmeant; the court had not stirred at the false alarm; she must forevermore remain the Sleeping Beauty.
When the count arrived, he had under his touch his books and arms, his eyes rested upon his favorite pictures; his dogs, whose caresses he loved, welcomed him in the ante-chamber; the birds, whose songs delighted him, cheered him with their music; and the house, awakened from it's long sleep, like the sleeping beauty in the wood, lived, sang, and bloomed like the houses we have long cherished, and in which, when we are forced to leave them, we leave a part of our souls.
It is the palace of the Sleeping Beauty," said the marquis, beginning to view the house with the eyes of a land owner.
The author who, after the fashion of "The North American Review," should be upon all occasions merely "quiet," must necessarily upon many occasions be simply silly, or stupid; and has no more right to be considered "easy" or "natural" than a Cockney exquisite, or than the sleeping Beauty in the waxworks.
The enamoured Camaralzaman has never forgotten the moment when, contemplating your sleeping beauty, he gave you his heart.
Balleto Del Sud crew - Cairo Opera House It is noteworthy that the ballet version of the sleeping beauty tale was introduced for the first time in 1890 at the Maranskie Theater in St.
HOW sad to read that a mother wants Sleeping Beauty banned in schools because of sexual connotations.